National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc.

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr. President

Rev. S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

President Tolbert Speaks for Men's Bootcamp Graduation at an NBCA Church
On Sunday, October 28, 2018, President Tolbert spoke for the Men's Bootcamp Graduation at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN, where Rev. Darryl Webster is the pastor and the founder of the Men's Bootcamp. There were over 150 men and boys that graduated on Sunday.  Congratulations to all of the graduates! 
The Men's Bootcamp model is endorsed by NBCA and our Brotherhood Auxiliary, in which Bro. Forestal Lawton is president.  If you are interested in bringing the Men's Bootcamp model to your church, please contact us at i for additional information.
About the Men's Bootcamp
Rev. Darryl Webster, Founder of Men's Bootcamp
The Men's Bootcamp teaches and reaffirms positive self, spiritual, and cultural identity. It builds and promotes healthy relationships of all kinds and cultivates leadership for communities. The Bootcamp enhances lifestyle quality through educational opportunities, fosters and implements character development and provides workforce development.  Most importantly, the Bootcamp helps to build a relationship with God through Bible teaching and principles from the Bible itself.
Pictures from the Bootcamp Graduation Ceremony
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