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Mon, September 09, 2019
Fayetteville, NC
07:00 pm (EDT)

Fayetteville Regional Airport
3139 Doc Bennett Road
Fayetteville, NC 28306

Early Voting Has Begun for This Special Election.

Please volunteer for Dan In District 9 to get the word out.
Many still don't know there'a a special election Sept 10th.
Let's not lose this seat to another Demonic Rat!

You are needed to secure
a GOP win.
Please volunteer even if you don't live in District 9.
Dan Bishop (R) is in a very tight race for District 9 for Congress against Progressive Dan McCready.

"... private polling showing a close race between Bishop and Democrat Dan McCready, Trump will travel to the district on Sept. 9, the night before the special election, for a rally in Fayetteville, N.C. ..."

District 9 does have volunteers now who are doing a great job knocking on doors and calling, but they need more boots on the ground to assure a win.

Seems that many folks in District 9 don't know there's a special election for this seat on Sept 10th. We need to get them to the polls. 

Volunteers are especially needed in Roberson county where the race may be won or lost.

Please sign up here to volunteer to help the Right Dan win this election!

Find out more about Dan Bishop

Many e ndorsements too including Mark Meadows.


Great Food, Drinks and Some of the Biggest Names in NC Politics!

What's going on in your neighborhood?

Let's share it with your neighbors.

Red Action Alerts!
Our Founders knew that they only way for our Republic to endure is for WE The PEOPLE to be educated and to be engaged in the political process. 

YOU need to own Red Action Alerts!

This is YOUR place to engage in activism to restore our Republic and North Carolina to its Conservative roots.

This is also a place where you can let all of us know of a great accomplishment. 
Celebrations give us encouragement and become models for others to follow.

So, what is going on in your town, your county, your neighborhood that your neighbors need to know about and/or need to act upon or celebrate!   Get the details here. Hope to hear from you soon.

Join the group. Submit your news and Red Action Alerts! to

Thank you Sue Butcher, Chair of Liberty First, for attending the NC House Rules Committee meeting on August 20th to keep track of SB 250 and SB 683. This is what activism looks like. No rest until we bet voter ID and transparency. No illegals or felons cancelling out our votes!
Join the Coalition in the Fight for Liberty.

Today, our Republic faces one of the greatest threats ever. Donate to the cause, and say NO to the Socialist, Anti-American chant of the left! 

Please Donate TODAY and do your part to preserve our Republic!

Support Our Activism, Many Events,
and Great Candidates!

Winner to be drawn at the October 12th 2020 Victory Dinner to support our conservative candidates and judges! . Need not be present to win.

Please help support the Cause To Defeat the Left and restore NC to its conservative roots.
2020 Is Coming!

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