President Trump hosted Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett — who credits his promotion of a malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, with her recovery from coronavirus — and other COVID-19 survivors at the White House. During their informal discussions, Rep. Whitsett, who nearly lost her life to COVID-19, brought up her chronic Lyme disease as an underlying condition. Throughout the 41-minute meeting, President Trump highlighted how serious and devastating Lyme disease is, stating that it " can kill you ."
LDA President Pat Smith said, “It is a good thing for Lyme patients that the President is speaking about how serious Lyme disease really is—the message coming in an unscripted discussion on another serious disease sweeping the world, COVID-19, which preys heavily on those with chronic conditions. Lyme is often not included in that category but is looked upon by many in mainstream medicine and in government