August 2015
Eric Jacobson, CAE
ALA President and CEO 
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Using the Language of Lighting
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Thursday, Sept. 17
Everything You Need to Know
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Thursday, Oct. 22
15 Residential Lighting Design Rules of Thumb for Every Room in the House
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Thursday, Nov. 19
Setting and Achieving
Selling Goals in 2016 
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Industry Momentum

With summer in full-swing, I am hearing continued positive movement in building activities across most regions of the U.S. and some improvements in Canada, even with the currency valuation issues.

As momentum builds and consumers continue to move forward with the adoption of energy-efficient products, we want to build on the ALA brand both internally and externally. 

First, we ask that you utilize the ALA logo in your promotional materials, websites, advertisements, shipping boxes, etc. We want you to be proud of your ALA membership and the work we are doing together to benefit the industry. 

Look for more details to come and ideas on how to incorporate the ALA logo and ALA's promotional materials/videos into your marketing plans.

ALA Conference

ALA is in full conference mode and excited about the 2015 Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., Oct. 1-3. We currently have 541 attendees, which projects to be one of the largest ALA conferences in some time. 

If you are not registered, I ask that you review the conference program, and I encourage you to attend. The ALA Conference is a unique experience that provides you with exceptional training and networking opportunities.

It is our members that make our conference great. This year, we have two new programs to help ALA members share their expertise with fellow conference attendees; the Larry Sayah Innovation Forum and the Networking Luncheon. 

Larry Sayah Innovation Forum

Have you made some innovative changes to your business that have positively impacted sales? We hope you will consider applying to be one of our panel members and earn up to $3,500 in awards. To learn more, click here.

Networking Luncheon

We have an outdoor networking lunch scheduled with great Pacific Ocean views. For this, we need table moderators to help lead the networking discussions. If you would like to volunteer or suggest topics for discussion, please let me know and I will help you to get involved. 

The ALA Conference program and full registration information can be found at We look forward to seeing you in Huntington Beach. 

ALA Engineering Meeting/
Regulatory Meetings

Engineering Meeting, July 29-30

Last week, ALA held its annual Engineering Committee Meeting at the Lumileds facility in San Jose, Calif. The day-and-a-half long meeting focused on many important issues affecting the industry, including:
  • DOE Rulemakings: Ceiling Fans/
    Light Kits;
  • DOE FTC Labeling Rules;
  • Title 24 and Title 20;
  • California Proposition 65;
  • Testing LED Products - LM-79
    and LM-80;
  • LED Temperature Testing - LM 82-12:
  • ANSI/NEMA C-137 - Lighting Systems Standards Committee;
  • Energy Star Luminaires V2.0 and 
    Lamps V2.0;
  • Canada: Safety Testing of Decorative Incandescent Lamps;
  • and many more issues.
We had a very active group of approximately 25 ALA members attend the meeting and their participation on behalf of the industry is appreciated. Terry McGowan, ALA director of engineering and technology, will later issue a comprehensive report on the meeting and post the report to the ALA website.  

California Energy Commission (CEC), 
July 30

After the Engineering Meeting concluded, eleven ALA members and staff headed to Sacramento for a meeting with CEC staff. After a briefing of activities regarding Title 24 and Title 20, ALA had an opportunity to give additional input to the CEC and, importantly, ask that CEC staff work closely with ALA so that industry viewpoints are considered at the earliest possible stage of the regulatory processes moving forward.

McGowan; Peter Strait, CEC supervisor; Patrick Saxton, Advisor to Commissioner Andrew McAllister; Jacobson; Linstone

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), July 28

Clark Linstone, chair, ALA Government Affairs Committee; Michael Weems, ALA VP, government affairs; Terry McGowan; and I met with Commissioner Carla Peterman on the CPUC. In our first-ever meeting with the CPUC, we discussed standardizing rebate programs across the state to help retailers maximize a consistent marketing program to help in the further adoption of energy-efficient lighting products. In addition, we proposed that incentive programs be streamlined so they are easily administered by large and small California retailers. With the CPUC's help, this could set a great precedent in working with the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and the utility members it represents. 

As always, thank you for your support and the industry's leadership as we continue to work together to meet industry opportunities and challenges.

Eric Jacobson, CAE
Eric Jacobson, CAE
President and CEO
American Lighting Association
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