From the President 

Dear Cranbrook Friends,
Happy New Year! I hope each of you had a restful and joyous holiday season and that you were able to take part in the many activities that took place on our campus. From the historic to the scientific, Cranbrook had something for everyone during the holidays. I particularly enjoyed taking my family through the packed halls of the Cranbrook Institute of Science during the Give Thanks to Nature weekend following Thanksgiving. Not only did we enjoy our time together as a family, but everyone learned something new about science during our visit. 
At Cranbrook House and Gardens, Holiday Splendor was a big hit. The trees were so spectacular that I couldn't help but pause each morning on the way to my office to enjoy the spirit of the season. Mr. Booth's office was decorated in a traditional 1920's holiday theme by the Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research; and I could almost picture him sitting at his desk, scribing holiday cards by the warm light of a lantern. I couldn't help but think of the delight he would have taken in seeing his family home so welcoming and festive more than 100 years after it was built.
But celebrating this year's holiday season was not only about the Institute and Cranbrook House.  Cranbrook Art Museum welcomed volumes of members and guests, all of whom experienced three extraordinary new exhibitions. The headliner was Lou Reed, Metal Machine Trio: The Creation of the Universe, a live ambisonic 3-D sound installation inspired by Lou Reed's 1975 double album Metal Machine Music. If you have yet to experience this remarkable show, I encourage you to do so. I would be delighted to connect you with a museum staff member who will take you through the exhibition personally.    
Also at the Art Museum during the holidays and beyond is Simple Forms, Stunning Glazes: The Gerald W. McNeely Collection of Pewabic Pottery, a collaborative exhibition from the Center for Collections and Research, Cranbrook Art Museum, and Pewabic. Accompanying the extraordinary collection of 117 works is a commemorative Pewabic Pottery/Cranbrook "Snowdrop" Vase that will be released for sale on Valentine's Day. All proceeds will go to support the Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research. I hope you will join me in purchasing one! 
As Cranbrook's President, I am particularly proud of all that our Community does to celebrate the holiday season. Many of us here celebrated the season by reaching out to those in need by providing gifts through Operations Good Cheer, an organization that serves children in foster care throughout the state, Macomb Charitable Foundation, and Care House in Pontiac. I'm thankful that so many members of our Community were so generous with their time and resources in serving the greater community.  
Cranbrook is a gem and is meant to be shared with others, particularly during the holidays. I especially enjoy when Cranbrook Program Areas, along with outside partners like Pewabic, work together to accomplish a greater good. From exhibitions and educational outreach programs to sponsored admissions in our gardens during the coming summer, these special partnerships make a difference that is meaningful and impactful and, in fact, make Cranbrook even better! 
To close, I want to highlight opportunities for admission to Cranbrook Schools. If you have, or know of, a student who would like to become a part of the Cranbrook Schools' family, please join us at or extend an invitation to the Schools' Winter Open House on Sunday, January 10th. In addition to tours of our facilities, the open house offers potential students the opportunity to meet and speak with our faculty and admissions team members.
True vision, like that put forth by Cranbrook's founders, is not a temporary thing. It is something that can last, as Cranbrook's history proves. I want to extend my sincere thanks to each of you for all that you do for this special place as parents, friends, supporters and more.
As always, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas as to how we might make Cranbrook even better. I can be reached at 248.645.3100. 
With my very best wishes for a happy, successful and healthy New Year,




Dominic A. DiMarco, President
Cranbrook Educational Community