Your Help Is Needed!

Dear Chamber Member & Community Stakeholder,
     As you may know, one of the priority issues in the Boca Chamber's 2015 Legislative Agenda is the monetization of the former Wildflower property - located in downtown Boca Raton on the Intracoastal Waterway and the Palmetto Park Road Bridge. The development of this site has also been stated on the City of Boca Raton's list of important goals.

     In 2012, the property was designated to include a free standing restaurant under a land lease arrangement. This agreement would generate some $10 million over the term of the lease. Not only would the city recoup its original investment of the property ($7.5 million) - it would energize that area of our downtown with a premier waterfront restaurant that would be an attractive destination for our community. It would also generate additional economic impact to our city and help create a sense of place in our emerging downtown. Alternative uses of the site would not result in the same overall positive outcome.

     As a community stakeholder and supporter of economic prosperity, we ask you to demonstrate your support for the development of a restaurant on the former Wildflower property.

This action will:
  • Generate a positive financial gain to the city
  • Enhance our downtown
  • Maintain our quality of life
     Please indicate your support of the development of a restaurant on the former Wildflower property by sending an email to the Boca Raton elected officials and city administration. This prime piece of waterfront real-estate has been dormant since its purchase 6 years ago. We can't let it sit vacant any longer!

     Simply forward this email to the following City Officials and City Manager with your statement of support in advance of the City of Boca Raton's CRA meeting Monday Afternoon:

Mayor Susan Haynie:
Deputy Major Robert Weinroth:
Councilman Michael Mullaugh:
Councilman Scott Singer:
Councilman Jeremy Rodgers: 
City Manager Leif Ahnell:   

Thank you for your supportive voice and playing a critical role in this process.

Moving forward,
Troy blue                                                   
Troy M. McLellan, CCE, FCCP                                 
President & CEO                                                                                                             


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