January 2019
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Our members and affiliates have been hard at work improving the health of our Central Ohio community. Keep reading for some important updates from Dr. Jeffrey Janis (CMA President) and make sure to visit the CMA Blog for all the latest news!
President's Message
"As we progress into 2019, you may be looking for new ways to get involved. Here at the CMA, we have many exciting opportunities for you to connect with other physicians and make an impact in central Ohio. Perhaps you have an interest in social media? A new idea to share? Maybe you have a passion for serving your fellow physician?
Whatever your interest, we have a group for you! Keep reading to learn more about our Board of Directors, Social Media Task Force, and Member Experience Committee. Each of these groups welcomes the participation of any interested physician. I hope you'll join us in our efforts of improving the healthcare community for central Ohio physicians."

Yours in service,
- Jeff

CMA Board of Directors has an opening for a new leader.
The CMA is an organization of physicians and other experts working together to support physicians and advance the community through professional advocacy, education, and services.

This mission is accomplished through the guidance of our Board of Directors. By serving, board members are able to engage with a diverse group of colleagues from all specialties and systems and have the opportunity to lead the community of physicians in central Ohio.
Are you interested in being considered for a place on the CMA Board of Directors? The CMA's Nominating Committee will meet in early February. To be considered, please email CMA CEO Dr. Robert Falcone by February 4th or call 614-240-7410.
How can physicians engage with others on social media?
"It is prudent for this generation of medical professionals to be knowledgeable of social media, as it is the modern route for sharing ideas and keeping us current."

- A. Mehran Mostafavifar, MD, MBA
Chair of CMA Social Media Task Force
It’s no longer a question of whether you need to use social media, it’s a question of how to keep up with the changes in social media strategy. Social media is used to maximize branding, influence, and credibility. It has changed the world with regards to immediacy of information, decentralized information flow, and creating a global marketplace.
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Which of these sites are you using regularly?
Join our Member Experience Committee
“The membership committee has the broad purpose of promoting participation in the CMA and its specific activities, including professional networking, patient advocacy, and health policy advocacy."

- Dr. Kanny Grewal CMA Secretary-Treasurer and
Chair of the Member Experience Committee)

For more information about getting involved with the Member Experience Committee, contact Lisa Oyer .
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