2017 Easter Message

As we begin our Easter break, I am thankful for the abundance of graces each of us have in our lives: families, friends, health, opportunity, shelter, food, water and security.  To often we are mired in petty frustrations of daily life and we forget to reflect on and give thanks for the gifts we are blessed with.  Let us give thanks to the Lord for all of this.  
Each of us is fortunate to be part of this Jesuit school community, unique in recognizing and celebrating God in the day-to-day of our lives and in the faith traditions of our sisters and brothers here at St. Bonaventure's College.  Each of us, regardless of religion or faith tradition,  has been anointed by God, to be "Men and Women For and With Others," and to proclaim a life acceptable to the Lord.
On behalf our faculty and staff, I wish you all a very grace-filled celebration of the Easter mysteries. 
God Bless you,

Tom McGrath
2017 Ignatius Society Dinner 
President Tom McGrath presents  Ms. Helen Brennan
 with the   2017 Ignatian Spirit Tribute Award
On March 9th, 2017 we held our 4th Annual Ignatius Society Dinner in the Aula Maxima of Mullock Hall, St. Bonaventure's College under the distinguished patronage of Most Reverend Martin W. Currie, D.D., Archbishop of St. John's.

The Ignatius Society Dinner is held each year to thank the members of the Ignatius Society who have pledged to donate $5,000 over 5 years to our Bursary Program.  Guests were treated to an amazing dinner prepared by Mrs. Annette Mallay, our Assistant Principal with service provided by our wonderful Grade 12 students.

Guests gather in the Aula Maxima for the 
4th Annual Ignatius Society Dinner
The evening also saw Ms. Helen Brennan receive the 2017 Ignatian Spirit Award.  The Ignatian Spirit Award honours a person who has made an invaluable contribution to their community and who truly demonstrates what it means to be a "Man or Women for and with Others."  The recipient embraces the ideals of St Ignatius Loyola and reflects the characteristics and qualities inherent in a Jesuit education at St. Bonaventure's College.  Mrs. Brennan has contributed extensively as a volunteer in every community she has lived.  She continues to be an active participant in the St. Bon's community by serving on the Ignatius Society and various fund raising events.

"Helen Brennan has been an extraordinary volunteer and supporter of the school's mission and she is a tremendous role model for our students," said President McGrath.

If you would like more information regarding the Ignatius Society, please click here or contact Ms. Melissa Follett at mfollett@stbons.ca or 709-726-0024 ext. 226
JSN Professional Development
Dr. O'Leary & Ms. Mallay visit Mother Teresa Middle School as part of Education of Youth Meeting
On March 1st to the 4th, Dr. Greg O'Leary and Ms. Annette Mallay travelled to Reginafor Education of Youth Committee meetings.  Representatives from St. Bonaventure's College, Loyola High School, Montreal, St. Paul's High School & Gonzaga Middle School, Winnipeg, and host school Mother Teresa Middle School, gathered together for three days of networking and collaboration on issues facing all Jesuit apostolates.  Topics of discussion included school reports, diversity, and challenges with teaching and learning.  Visits were made to Mother Teresa Middle School where representatives from the schools took part in a smudging and drumming exercise and we shared lunch with students. We shared mass at Campion College and we took part in a Kairos Blanket Exercise at First Nations University.   This experience was very powerful.
Ms. Mallay & the participants at
the Assistant Principals Cohort
On March 26th, Ms. Annette Mallay travelled to Spokane, Washington to participate  in the JSN's Assistant Principal's cohort.  Some APs of the cohort gathered on Monday to share a retreat day focused on the First Spiritual Exercises.  The sessions started on Tuesday with a keynote session that focused was on clarifying assessment, identifying types of assessment and identifying questions for educators and learners. Two educators, Dr. Susann Girtz, Ph.D and Dr. Chuck Salina, Ph.D from Gonzaga University shared the morning with us and shared their expertise on assessment and building leadership to support quality assessment.   We shared a tour and dinner at Gonzaga Prep and had lunch and a tour of Gonzaga University.  The cohort ended with Ed camp sessions of all participants in topics such as grade book, accommodations, bells and homeroom, and diversity.    
Welcoming Mr. Raj Vijayakumar, S.J.
Mr. Raj Vijayakumar, S.J.
Th e Ver y Rev. Peter Bisson, S.J. (Provincial, Jesuits of English Canada) and Mr. Tom McGrath are pleased to announce Mr. Raj Vijayakumar, S.J., will begin Regency at St. Bonaventure's College effective September 1, 2017.  Regency is a period lasting two years during the formation of a candidate to the Society of Jesus following his initial admission to the Society during the two years of novitiate. During this time, they are expected to be fully involved in apostolic work and community life of the Society.  Often regents or "scholastics" are placed in Jesuit schools to teach and assist in other capacities.
Mr. Vijaykumar is a graduate of York University where he graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  He is currently completing a Master's degree in Theological Studies from Regis College, University of Toronto.  He holds an international diploma in the French Language. He has had teaching experience at St. Anne's Middle School, Kingston, Jamaica and Mother Teresa Middle School, Regina, SK.  His duties at St. Bon's will include some teaching and work in our campus ministry program. 
"We are delighted that Mr. Vijaykumar will join us next year and thank Father Bisson for the confidence he has shown in our work, by placing Raj with us," said Mr. McGrath.

Arrupe Leaders Summit
by Sarah Lewis '19

Callum O., Ms. Martin, Sam, A., Ashley S., Sarah L. & Aaron G. attend  the  2017 Arrupe Leaders Summit
The values of compassion, kindness, and family are ingrained into our school, St. Bonaventure's  College. These essential characteristics of our school can be seen through the social justice initiatives  such as RIAC, the gardening club, computers with seniors and so much more. Despite the fact that St Bon's has established itself as a leader of social justice in my community, St. John's, I believe the  school has yet to surpass its potential in the domain of improving the lives of individuals in need.  Attending the Pedro Arrupe Summit retreat with my fellow peers introduced a variety of projects,  perspectives and ideas that will help us further develop our school motto, being men and women for  others. Our five attendees have gained a substantial amount of knowledge surrounding the topic of  assisting the victims of poverty, illness and substance abuse. We are ecstatic to implement the ideas of  the Pedro Arrupe summit into our school.
One of my most memorable experiences during my time at the retreat was listening to the other  school's plans of action when they return to their local communities. For example, Loyola, a Jesuit  school based out of Maryland, discussed the movement "walk in my shoes," in which included  awareness for people that are displaced, and conditions in camps. Also, Fordom Prep presented an idea  called "cardboard city" where teachers and student would sleep outside to emulate the extraneous  lifestyle of a homeless individual. This inspired our group with the notion of creating a situation where  we would sleep at the school overnight for a week, and we would rely on people to provide us with  food, water, blankets, soap, the basic necessities. This social experiment would allow us to observe the  importance of a socially active community for the homeless. Our Plan for this movement is to spark  shock and to encourage people to donate to homeless shelters.
Participants make resolutions during final session of Arrupe Leaders Summit
Three words defined our time at the retreat; experience, reflection and value. We underwent different 
situations that helped broaden our understanding of people with contrasting economic conditions,  mental states, and feelings towards life. By witnessing these elements, I feel that I have discovered the  emotion of empathy. If we can integrate the powerful emotion of empathy into our communities, you  would see an immediate change in the dynamics of the local atmosphere. Finally, a value is what  reminds us of the opportunities that we have and how we must use them to give back to the people that  weren't blessed with an equal chance.
Another topic we covered was charity vs social justice. Charity is supplying people with the basic  needs that can solve their problems for the day, like a meal or a blanket. Charity is a great way to help  people but the retreat mainly focused on ways to solve the root of the problem like teaching people how  to create a garden that can lead to a sustainable lifestyle. One way the school could act on social justice  is improving our gardening club and possibly teaching people how to garden, and providing materials  for them to start up a garden in their own community.
Overall this retreat has opened my eyes to new possibilities, and new ways to demand action at  St.Bon's. And ways to grow the school in a positive direction that acts on Christian ideals that will lead  to the school developing new social justice programs. These ideas will not only grow the school but the  whole community that surrounds St.Bon's.
2017 Easter Appeal
On March 29, 2017 we launched our 2017 Easter Appeal. The Easter Appeal was sent to our Alumni to ask them to invest in our students, and help support our mission of forming Men and Women for and with Others.

If you would like to join with our Alumni and support this year's Easter Appeal you can donate to St. Bonaventure's College online here  or download our 2017 Easter Appeal brochure here and mail your donation to: 

St. Bonaventure's College
2A Bonaventure Ave
St. John's, NL A1C 6B3
2017 SBC Cash Lottery Results
We held our 2017 SBC Cash Lottery Draw on Friday, March 17. The winners of the draw were:

1st Place: Ticket #3212, Brian Sears (pictured above)  Ticket Seller: Maggie Dobbin

2nd Place: Ticket #4558, Christopher Durdle, Ticket Seller: James Godsell

3rd Place: Ticket #7280, Kenneth MacLeod, Ticket Seller: Claire MacLeod

The top sellers were:
1st Place: Bon Fagan (209 tickets sold)
2nd Place: Anna Kielly (102 tickets sold)

This year's lottery raised $34,871.90. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners.

4th Annual St. Bon's Cup
Join us on  Thursday, June 15th at 1pm  for the  4th Annual St. Bon's Cup.  Participants will enjoy an afternoon on the green at Glendenning Golf, followed by a delicious dinner back at the club house. Each year the St. Bon's Cup has been more successful than the last; we are hoping you will join us in making this year's St. Bon's Cup the most successful yet. The proceeds from the St. Bon's Cup will go to supporting the ongoing projects in the school such as facilities upgrades, curriculum enhancements, bursary program, etc.

To download the Golf Registration Package, please click here.

To register your team, or for more information, please contact Ms. Melissa Follett at mfollet@stbons.ca or 726-0024 ext. 226
Mass Offering for Deceased
 Community Members
We will dedicate our Morning Mass on 8:15 A.M. on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 for the repose of the souls of Mrs. Florence Genest, Mrs. Janet Murphy Goodridge and Mr. Theo Stylianides.  Members of our community are welcome to attend.