President's Newsletter ....................…….….. March 14, 2020
This Is Who We Are!
Ed Linehan, President

Board of Directors
Ed Linehan
George McLain,
....Vice President
Peter Anderson,
…. Treasurer
Secretary (TBD)
Mark Gruder
Prince Knight
Don Levine
Carlos Pagan
Nancy Rocher
Debbie Silver
Taylor Wald
Dave Walrath
Lenore Walsh
Bob Weitz

2019-2020 Events
Fall Kickoff Concert
25 Jazz at Two
15 Monday Night Jazz
2 Jazz On The Water
Fall Trolley Pub Crawl
3 Joy of Jazz - Venice
HS Band Competition

Jazz Festival
3 Main Stage Events
12 Band Jazz Party
Jazz in the Park
11 Stop Pub Crawl
Film & Mini Concerts
2 Master Classes Founders Luncheon
The Jazz Club of Sarasota is dedicated to preserving and promoting jazz, American's original musical art form.

We are approximately one thousand members who greatly value and honor that mission, and who enthusiastically love the music.

We are a volunteer managed and operated organization with one part-time employee and a few contracted service providers.

We scheduled 60 events with 102 performances and distributed 17 higher education scholarships in this our 40th year of operation.

We are a private, non-profit organization with very limited assets and no executive salaries to support.

Festival Canceled
At approximately 5 PM on Thursday afternoon, a little more than two hours before the first Main Stage Concert, the Jazz Club decided that it had to cancel the remainder of the 2020 Jazz Festival due to the emerging COVID-19 public health threat.

A little earlier that day Florida Governor Ron DiSantis made a statewide recommendation that all large public events should be canceled or postponed. That recommendation, together with reports of many cancelations and closures across the state, and the high level of vulnerability of many of our members and musicians left us with no reasonable alternative.
Where do we go from here?
Joy of Jazz Concert
Centennial Park Venice
Every indication from government and public health officials is that this situation will get worse before it gets better. For that reason we are also cancelling all of our remaining events in March listed here:

March 16 - 
aaa Monday Night Jazz - Zack Bartholomew Trio
March 20 - 
aaa Jazz At Two - Jerry Eckert Trio
March 22 - 
aaa Joy of Jazz - Bill Buchman & Art of Jazz
March 27 - 
aaa Jazz At Two - Lorri Hafer Quartet
March 30 - 
aaa Monday Night Jazz - Scotty Wright Quartet
In two weeks we will assess where we are as a community and then make a decision about our April and May events.
We have deferred that decision with hopefulness, if not optimism.

We will make every effort to reschedule these wonderful artists as soon as possible.

Meeting Our Responsibilities
"Jazz Festival Cancelled"
Auditorium Marquee
This is a significant financial disaster.

The Jazz Club will take this next week to ten days to assess the extent of the damage that it has suffered from cancelling the festival and the other events in March.

We have contractual obligations with scores of musicians, venues and vendors too extensive to list. Most of them are facing additional losses as they have other events cancelled.

Wherever possible we will be negotiating resolutions of our contracts. Of course there were many purchases and payments that were made in advance of the event itself.

We feel a special obligation to our musicians. Our ability to hire and support them is one of the concrete ways that we achieve our mission of preserving and promoting jazz. Most of them are already suffering the loss of many other performances.

I'm proud to share with you that a number of our local and national artists, including our Director of Music Ken Peplowski, have already expressed a willingness to help us recover with a benefit concert in the fall. We will explore that possibility once the immediate crisis has passed.

Ticket Refunds
We have over ninety thousand dollars worth of ticket sales for the events that have been cancelled. Those dollars were ALL earmarked to help cover operating costs for those same events.

Once we have confirmed our contractual obligations and other costs we will formalize our refunds plans. As indicated above we need a week to ten days to complete this. It is likely that the refund plan will contain a number of options. We will get back to our ticket holders as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

I'll end this communication with an adage that I am finding comfort in,
"What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger!"

Ed Linehan
330 S. Pineapple Ave. Suite 111
Sarasota, Florida 34236
941-366-1552 W-F