Piedmont Handgun Association
President's Newsletter for March 2019
Hello Fellow PHA Members.
I hope everyone's year has started off good. This year begins our 40th year as PHA. We will have a few events to commemorate this event w will recognize the individuals from over the years that have made all this possible.

Thanks for your support.
Ray Owens
Enough Rain already!!
We have had an abnormal amount of rain between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. The road to the 100-yard rifle range berm is blocked off for vehicles due to the condition of the bridge. We will be getting that repaired soon.
Please use caution when driving on our roads or rocked areas. The ground is saturated and getting stuck in the mud is very easy to do.
A Reminder to All
Ammo Restrictions
50 BMG must only be used at the 200-yard range and berm. When shooting these very high-powered calibers at free standing berms, like the 50- and 100-yard range as well as the 100-yard high power range, it will create tunnels and/or holes in the berm.

For the pistol bays containing steel targets, they must never be shot with shotgun slugs or any necked-down high velocity ammo.

The plate racks must not be shot with .500 magnums.

Pistol calibers only on all steel in the pistol bays.

Range Clean-Up Day
Saturday, March 30
March 30 is clean-up day at the Range. We are planning many projects for all skill sets. We'll have something for everyone. So set the date and mark your calendars. More information will be coming soon.
Long Range Planning
We have started a Long Range Planning Committee. This will help us to be proactive in the needs of our club. This committee is headed up by Director Rob Fritts. If you have any suggestions for this committee you may submit them in writing and place them in the Suggestion Box located at the .22 range or visit with Rob at any monthly meeting or at the range.
Annual Renewals
At the last Board meeting a schedule was implemented for the Nomination Committee, the mailing out of the ballots for Board member election, and for the renewal of annual memberships.This is a reminder that if you do not receive your annual renewal and ballot information by the end of July, then it is your responsibility to contact us to find out why. Our fiscal year ends on August 31.If you have sent in your renewal forms (please be sure that you have signed your renewal form and Range Rules form) and your check by the August 31 deadline and have not received your new membership badges by October 10, it is your responsibility to contact us at that time.
.22 Fun Match and .22 Benchrest Match
The .22 Fun Match (March 9) and the .22 Benchrest Match (Mar 14) will be starting in March.
The Benchrest Match will have 5 classes: Factory class, Open-site class, Sporter at 80-yards class, and a new class - Sporter at 50 yards. IBS targets will be used for these matches.
These are fun matches and will really help your marksmanship skills. So dust off those .22 rifles and come out and have fun. For additional information, call David Motsinger at 336-769-3169.

Spring is around the corner
Spring is coming soon. The ranges are going to come alive with activity and matches. So here is a schedule of special days coming up.

  • March 14 - PHA Meeting
  • March 30 - Clean up day at the Range.
  • April 11 - PHA Meeting
  • April 16 - Match Director Meeting
  • Sept 21 - Open House

Plus all of the regular shooting matches from last year.
Heard on the Range.

Things are more like they are now than they have ever been.

-Pistol Pete