Role of the President's Office
Back Row (L-R): K. Stagg, K. Cardwell, J. Cummings
Front Row (L-R): B. Glynn, J. Haley, T.McGrath, Brother Joe,
R. Hayward
I am often asked the question "What is the role of the President and how does it differ from the role of the Principal?"

Jesuit schools and colleges tend to use a President-Principal model of institutional leadership.  St. Bonaventure's College has adopted this model in 2006.
As in most Jesuit institutions, the President answers to an elected Board of Governors for all aspects of the school operation and direction.  The President provides institutional, strategic and apostolic leadership for the school with primary responsibility for human resources, finances, facilities, strategic planning, alumni affairs, development, fundraising, communications and marketing.  As the apostolic leader, the President ensures the Ignatian mission and Jesuit identity is being achieved in the school.
The Principal is the Chief Operating Officer and provides academic and institutional leadership for the school with primary responsibility for the academics and extra-curricular programs and staff professional development.  The Principal is responsible to the President for all aspects of the daily operation of the school and the teaching staff.
The President's Office is comprised of a professional staff consisting of:
  • Krista Cardwell, Executive Assistant / Communications & Fundraising Officer;
  • Jennifer Cummings, Alumni Affairs & Development Officer;
  • Kim Stagg, School Accountant & Facilities Rental;
  • Brad Glynn, Director of Campus Ministry
  • Brother Joseph Frechette, S.J., Bursar;
  • James Haley, Maintenance Supervisor, and;
  • Ryan Hayward, Technology Coordinator.

Tom McGrath                                        
President, St. Bonaventure's College
St. Bon's Launches New Brand
On September 11, as part of the Strategic Plan, St. Bonaventure's College launched a new brand. One that pays tribute to the long history of the school.  The school logo and seal contain the following heraldic elements:

Quadrant 1 - The Book: The open book represents our namesake, St. Bonaventure, and the founding administrators of our school, the Franciscans. The Franciscans administered St. Bonaventure's College from 1856-1899. St. Bonaventure is referred to as the Doctor of the Church, and is often depicted with an open book. The book is also a reflection of the academic excellence St. Bonaventure's College has been known for since its opening in 1856. As well the book can be interpreted as the Bible, a representation of our Catholic faith. 

Quadrant 2 - The Celtic Cross: The Celtic Cross represents the second order to administer St. Bonaventure's College, the Christian Brothers. The Christian Brothers administered the school from 1899-1988. The Celtic Cross is a part of the Christian Brothers crest and is used by many of the schools administered by the Christian Brothers. The Celtic Cross has been a part of the St. Bonaventure's College crest since the early 1900s. 

Quadrant 3 - IHS: This insignia represents St. Bonaventure's College today being an Ignatian/Jesuit school. St. Bon's has been an Ignatian/Jesuit school since 1999. In 1541, St. Ignatius of Loyola adopted IHS as his seal as General of the Society of Jesus. The three Greek letters are the traditional abbreviation for the name of Jesus, whose death and resurrection for us are represented by the three nails and the sunburst. It is still used as the symbol for the Society of Jesus and is used by most Jesuit institutions throughout the world. 

Quadrant 4 - Seven Bars: The seven bars are derived from the Onaz-Loyola family shield. The seven bars commemorated the Onaz brothers, who were on the maternal side of St. Ignatius' family. The King of Spain in recognition of their bravery granted the seven bars to the brothers as a mark of honour. The bars are also used in many Jesuit schools' logos/crests, uniting us with the global Jesuit community. 

Shield: The shield shape of the school logo represents the heraldic traditions of the great universities of Europe, where Jesuit education began in Messina, Sicily in 1548. It is also reflective of St. Ignatius' prior military service. 

Centre - Cross: At the centre of the shield, connecting all of the elements together, is the cross. The cross is representative our Catholic faith and heritage It is at the heart of the mission of St. Bonaventure's College. 
Support St. Bon's Through The United Way

Why should I consider payroll deductions in support of St. Bonaventure's College?

Payroll deductions are an easy way for employees to contribute dollars to local charities through planned giving of a set amount per paycheque. Your contributions will make a positive difference for the students at St. Bon's.

From an administrative point of view, your receipt for charitable donations at tax time is easily available as it is clearly included on your T-4 from your employer.

What do I do if I want to contribute?

To obtain a payroll deduction form, ask your Human Resources Department. Put St. Bonaventure's College as your charity of choice on the form. Our charitable number is 866868086RR0001.

Return your forms to human resources and payroll will provide your donation to the United Way and the United Way will redirect your donation to St. Bon's. The amount of your donation will be recorded on your T4 slip for tax purposes.

For employees who already contribute to the United Way, your deductions will continue from one campaign to the next. You do not have to complete a new form unless you would like to change your contribution amount and or the charity that you are contributing to.

2015 Alumni Dinner
Thursday, October 15th was a very special night for the St. Bon's Alumni as they gathered for their Annual Alumni Dinner.  The evening began with a Liturgy in our Chapel which was celebrated by Father Bill Browne, S.J. '45.   The chapel was near capacity with graduates of all ages in attendance.
The Mass was followed by a pre-dinner reception in the historic Aula Maxima with 160 guests in attendance.
The dinner followed with music, speeches and presentations.  The 2015 Alumnus of the Year award was presented by St. Bonaventure's College President, Mr. Tom McGrath to
Dr. Gary Mooney '60. 
The Magis Award for Young Alumni was presented by school Principal, Dr. Greg O'Leary to Ms. Charlotte-Anne Malischewski '08. 
Both recipients delivered powerful addresses on the values instilled in them by their educational experience at St. Bon's.  Musical entertainment was provided by the St. Bon's Senior Jazz Band under the direction of Mrs. Vincenza Etchegary.
Many positive compliments were convened to the organizers and a good time was had by all.

Fallen 51 Dinner
It was a night of camaraderie, pride and remembrance at the Crow's Nest Officers' Club on September 23rd for the 2nd Annual "Fallen 51" Dinner.

This dinner is held each Fall in honour of the 51 boys from St. Bonaventure's College who made the supreme sacrifice during the First World War. 

Alumnus Gary Browne '63 gave an insightful speech on college alumnus Lieutenant Colonel Padre Thomas Nangle C.F '1909 and his extraordinary contribution during the First World War. It gave all in attendance a great sense of pride and honour to be fellow St. Bon's alumni.

Student Jane Hutchings '17 delivered and delightful speech on the school song and its connection to the 51 boys who died. 

Proceeds from this event support St. Bonaventure's College Bursary Fund, to ensure that no child is unable to attend St. Bonaventure's College because of inability to pay.

Hayley Barrett '17 Reflects on 2Philly4Francis Trip
2Philly4Francis Participants: (L-R): Hayley Barrett, Ben Dornan, 
Claire MacLeod, Thomas Roberts, Ms. Power, Jordan Gray
Ever since Pope Francis was elected in 2013, I have watched him make headlines in the news, and pop up all over social media and the internet. Hearing about him so often, I became really interested in him and what he is like. I have learned about all of the wonderful things he has done, and what a truly loving and caring man he is. So when I heard that St. Bon's was arranging a trip to Philadelphia to see the Pope during his visit to the United States, of course I jumped at the chance.

Upon arriving at our host school, St. Joseph's Preparatory School, our group was greeted by many other Jesuit students from schools all around the U.S. and Canada, whom we became fast friends with. It was a very enlightening experience as we attended a mass service every morning and witnessed Pope Francis not only give a speech, but also hold a mass service as well.

The crowds were large, with over a million people attending, and the security was extremely tight, but squeezing through all of the people to get within 10 feet of the Pope and hear him speak made it well worth it. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will remember for years to come.

Fall Gala
October 24, 2015
Glendenning Golf
Tribute Dinner
April 28, 2016
Sheraton Hotel

Tickets On Sale: Dec. 7, 2015
Draw Date: Feb. 19, 2016
Golf Tournament
June 16, 2016
Glendenning Golf