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Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club
President's Post November 2017

Welcome to the November edition of The Post and thanks for opening this to read about some updates on activities around your Club.

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  • This Edition

    Happy 70th Birthday Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club:
    I was so proud to be a member of our great Club with what I saw and took part in as we celebrated 70 wonderful years of the Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club.
    How great is it that multi generations of past, present and future (plenty of toddlers there on Sunday) members and supporters can gather together and share stories and rekindle their experiences and involvement during their time !
    I have been fortunate to have received so many positive comments from those that attended what was a well organized, fun and friendly event. Another huge public thank you to event Chair Sue Doman and her trusty assistant Mandy Grbac for putting on a superb weekend. To the many who helped pre, during and post event thank you also - what a great team effort !
    Pictured above are Sue, Eric McGee (longest serving member) and Rick Aitchison (MC) during the cake cutting ceremony.

    The Patrol Roster is out:
    Have you seen your SLS Portal account recently ? Your rostered patrols appear on this AND the full roster can be found on the Club Members Area section of the website.
    Season 17/18 members will soon be emailed a reminder email for the generic username and password.
    Please email with any problems.
    BEWARE - You can only patrol if you meet ALL the following conditions: 1. Club member for current season 2017-18. Being a member last season is not enough - you must renew. 2. Current SRC or Bronze award (or hold a specialist award eg Radio / First Aid and it is current), see below. 3. If aged 17+ at 30 September, you must have valid WWCC which lists our club. Appearing on the patrol roster does NOT guarantee that you meet these conditions. Contact the office with any questions. SRC, Bronze (and specialist) Awards: If you don't hold a current award, you must delay patrolling until you've gained or requalified it. If you do not requalify by 31 December 2017, you must cease patrolling until you requalify.

    Cadet and Bronze Camp update:
    Notifications have been emailed out. If you have queries about your successful / unsuccessful EOI, then please email the organizing sub committee

    Membership renewals / applications:
    For the last few Monday's we have welcomed to support of Anna (who is on loan from the Ocean Grove SLSC) and providing Deb with great assistance in the area of processing membership applications and renewals. Anna will be with us for a few more Monday's to help reduce the backlog to hopefully zero.
    As you should have seen on your email or on our Facebook / Twitter, some timely membership reminders.
    1. Membership renewals are now overdue. Did you know that membership renewals are overdue ? We have put additional staffing into the Office to help reduce the backlog, so it's now up to you. How do I renew or join ? Visit our memberships page :
    2. Am I a current member ? Has my membership renewal or application been processed ? Our Office staff will be in contact if there is an issue - eg missing or out of date WWCC, an issue with payment or a missing Nipper swim form for example. To check if your membership is current, please login into the Surf Life Saving Portal then Click on ' Memberships' and then look for 'Registered Season'. If it lists 2017, then you are a current member for Season 2017 / 2018.
    3. We want to keep our Juniors SAFE ! A Working with Children Check (WWCC) is mandatory for all membership renewals and applications for those aged 18+. If you have one already that's great, BUT it must be linked to us. It's free and more information can be found on our WWCC page :
    4 Membership renewal is not an automatic process. Club, LSV and SLSA rules mean that it is applied for each year .... even if you're a Life Member ! So don't delay as membership renewals are now overdue and to continue having access to the Club and to enjoy the benefits of membership (including insurance protection ) you must be a (current - Season 2017 / 2018) member.

    Online applications for the RVSC will open soon:
    Our largest annual fundraising event, the Rip View Swim Classic is being held on Saturday 30 December and you can help in 2 ways - Firstly to promote the event to friends, family and colleagues and secondly we need a huge army of volunteers and will call for help in coming weeks.

    Clubhouse update:
    I recently emailed this update from the Surfguard email database. In case you did not receive it, I have reproduced it below:
    Approvals granted: The new Clubhouse design which was widely circulated to members and the Point Lonsdale / Queenscliff community - particularly over the 2016 / 2017 Season - was approved by Council in early 2017 without any formal objections to the design throughout the consultation process. I am pleased to let you know that we now have all the approvals required so that in 2018 we can complete the tender documents, appoint a builder and commence construction at the end of January 2019. We are in ongoing dialogue with our local parliamentary members who are very supportive of our plans and have provided positive indications as to a good level of funding. We have also been advised of the need to move swiftly to meet the constraints of the government budgeting process. This necessitates us finalising the planning phase now.
    Fundraising commenced: The New Clubhouse Capital Campaign Committee has been formed to drive the fundraising program to build our new Clubhouse and I am thrilled to announce that we have already had an overwhelming response to both the design of the building and the desire to support it financially. The Committee has already received commitments totalling over $400,000 after a series of member fundraising parties over the past three weeks. This is a fantastic start and a reflection of the overwhelming support among our members and friends for the new clubhouse.
    Following the 70th birthday celebrations, we will launch the public campaign with the aim to raise $2 million by March 2019. We are seeking major gift pledges from individuals, families and businesses who care about the Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff community and value of the essential surf lifesaving services we provide. When you consider that the Executive Committee has already realised a critical part of the journey by securing the land from Council and a substantial Victorian Government grant of $1.5million we are well on our way to realizing our dream of a new Clubhouse. I would like to acknowledge the members of the New Clubhouse Capital Campaign Committee for their work to date. Thank you: Natalie Cann, Paul Conroy, Narelle Curtis, Jeanine Froomes, Rachel Gourlay, John Hudson, Giles Hunt, Karin Heinz, Barb Hurley, Kirsten MacLeod (Chair), Simon Martin and Cathy Vickers-Willis.
    On-site accommodation: A small group of members have voiced their concern that the current plans do not provide for on-site accommodation and although the issue has been raised and dealt with at successive AGMs, they are determined to have their case heard. We recently met with some of these members and as a result, the Executive Committee have unanimously passed the following compromise:
    The PLSLSC Executive Committee is of the opinion that it is reasonable to provide for flexibility in the planning and design of the building for a range of potential future requirements, including on-site accommodation. The Executive Committee believes that inclusion of accommodation in the initial build is not feasible nor is it currently supported by the Borough of Queenscliffe. This does not preclude the inclusion of accommodation at a later stage should circumstances change or the membership so desire it. To meet the future needs of PLSLSC the Clubhouse has been designed and will be built with a high degree of flexibility in terms of rooms and spaces. Such flexibility will be incorporated into the design and build to allow for future accommodation should circumstances permit it and the membership and executive committee desire accommodation within the Club. The project brief given to the architect and other consultants will be amended so that it is clear that the building is to be designed and constructed to provide as much flexibility as possible to deal with future changes to the use of the building.

    Life Member nomination to Steering Committee sought:
    The new Clubhouse project already has 2 important sub committee's in place - the Building Committee and the New Clubhouse Capital Campaign Committee. As we have seen, they are in full swing and delivering real results.
    Two seasons ago, we prepared governance documents for this project and this also included a Steering Committee. These governance documents have been approved by Life Saving Victoria who thought they were so good that they have shared them with other Clubs. Now that this project is gathering momentum, it is time to look to starting the Steering Committee.
    The purpose of the Steering Committee is to evaluate and, where appropriate, approve strategies to achieve the building of new Clubrooms including strategies to provide funding.
    The Building and NCCCC Committees are required to present certain recommendations to the Executive Committee for approval. Where such recommendations are not major decisions but are time-critical and require resolution prior to the next scheduled Executive Committee meeting, the Steering Committee may approve the recommendation, and/or provide guidance to the Building and the Funding Committees.
    I therefore are calling for written nominations from Life Members for this position and these should be emailed to the Club Secretary by Friday 25th November. Please include in your nomination your reason for nominating and your relevant skills and experience that you would bring to this position.

    What's happening at the Club ?

    Want to know what's happening now and in the future at the Club ?

    Most of the coming season Club events have now been added. Now that the LSV Calendar is finalised these will be added shortly.

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    Please Support the Sponsors that Support us

    Our varied and extensive Club services and activities would not be possible without the generous support of many varied Sponsors. Next time you require a service, please consider supporting those who support us and let them know that you value their ongoing support. Want to sponsor us or have a contact ? If so, please email Nat -

    Our Vision (updated post recent AGM resolution)

    We will provide lifesaving services for the community of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff, enable our members to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in lifesaving and sports and to improve the profile and influence of the club through community and member involvement and leadership in development programs and initiatives. We will be an open and inclusive organization and integral part of the community that we serve.

    Key Contacts

    Club Office:
    (03) 5258 1257
    PO Box 120 Point Lonsdale VIC 3225

    Current : Open 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
    Mon, Tue & Wed.
    Answering machine when unattended.

    KD Allen Clubrooms / Glaneuse Bar:
    (03) 5258 3300
    HC Windmill Back Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 4123
    Santa Casa Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 3366
    4WD Mobile:
    0427 231 333

    Executive Committee:

    Matthew Ponsford
    Mb - 0419 52 52 58

    Senior Vice President:
    James Coutie
    Mb - 0438 377 947

    Club Captain: (Life Saving Services - ie. Patrols & Lifesaving Equipment)
    Charlie Pitney
    Mb - 0430 355 353

    Vice President Lifesaving: (Training and Assessment - ie. Camps, Courses and Skills Maintenance)
    Justine Cain
    Mb - 0417 182 686

    Vice President Aquatic Sports:
    Drew Robinson
    Mb - 0409 544 182

    Vice President Youth & Leadership Development: (Nippers)
    Richard Howden
    Mb - 0448 568 158

    Steve Woodfull
    Mb - 0428 566 627

    Catherine (Bunny) Carrigan
    Mb - 0414 823 039

    Vice President Property:
    Andrew MacLeod
    Mb - 0417 057 080

    Vice President Marketing:
    Natalie Cann
    Mb - 0418 112 995

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