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Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club
President's Post September 2017

Welcome to the September edition of The Post and thanks for opening this to read about some updates on activities around your Club.

  • Key Contacts
  • This Edition
  • 70th Anniversary celebrations - buy your ticket !
  • What's happening at the Club ?
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  • Please Support the Sponsors that Support us
  • Our Vision (updated post recent AGM resolution)

  • This Edition

    Although it's been cold and wet and summer seems a lifetime away there is a lot happening around the place and this month I'd like to share some of these updates with you.

    The composition of the Executive Committee has / is changing.
    Unfortunately Senior Vice President, Liam Petrie-Allbutt tendered his resignation. Liam earned a great deal of respect for his enthusiasm and ideas that helped to improve the Club in many ways for many members during the last few seasons. We are very fortunate however that Liam will be assisting the Rip View Swim Classic working group with some major tasks to keep our swim one of the best and most popular on the coast ! Thanks Liam for what you've done, what you've achieved and for your ongoing assistance.
    I'm pleased to advise that well known member, James Coutie will be filling the Senior Vice President vacancy. James has a broad and extensive knowledge of many areas of the Club and is active at both a State and National level and will make a welcome addition to the EC team. Welcome back to the EC James.
    We are also in the final stages of appointing a permanent person to undertake the Treasurer role and I'll have more on this next month. We're fortunate that past Treasurer Ivan St Clair has been providing ongoing valuable assistance and will provide a thorough handover to the new Treasurer and no doubt be there to assist as well. This will then result in a full competent of 10 members on the Executive, leaving us well prepared for Season 2017 / 2018.

    A few updates ......
    The Life Saving Services team, headed by our Club Captain Charlie Pitney are well on the way for a successful summer, with patrol roster planning in full swing, gear and equipment preparations and a few new ideas to improve patrols (including enjoyment / retention).
    Online expressions of interest for the Bronze and Cadet Camps have been coming in thick and fast and Justine Cain and her team are well organized to cope with this and other training and assessment activities. PS EOIs close tonight !
    Our new Y&LD (Nipper) team - Richard. Lou and Romney have met and we're set to see a great summer program if the enthusiasm that I've seen is anything to go by.
    Nat Cann is doing some fantastic work in the Marketing area, reaching out to existing sponsors, meeting with many of them and securing a number of new and expanded partnerships which we will share down the track.
    The Club's Building Committee has a very welcome new member - Andrew Pitney. Andrew is a leading construction and infrastructure lawyer with a long track record of playing a lead role in many of Australia's most significant major projects. He advises both public sector and private sector clients on all aspect of project delivery, including outsourcing and procurement, and project agreements. He also advises on construction contracts, operating agreements and other project documents. In particular, Andrew has vast experience in complex construction and infrastructure projects and a particular expertise in Public Private Partnerships.
    For those of you already asking about "the Pop Up", I can share that Bec McHenry is on board again and already working on some exciting developments for summer 17 / 18 ! Stay tuned !
    Drew Robinson has made some great progress with the 3 new sub committee's as discussed at the AGM which include a finance and governance committee, a projects and volunteers committee and a youth initiatives committee. More on these will follow in coming weeks.

    Membership renewals / applications have been open for several weeks and as per last year follow an online process, which is a significant time and cost saving mode and more environmentally friendly.
    Detailed information / support is on the Memberships page.
    Membership fees remain unchanged from last season, with early bird rates closing at the end of the month.
    Please note that our part time Admin Officer (Deb) is very busy with this task in particular, so please be patient and understanding.

    In closing, for those of you NOT on Facebook / Twitter, I posted this recently (see below) which received a very positive reaction when posted.
    Life has it's challenges - as a large organization we don't always agree with one another, we have different ways of approaching things and have different backgrounds and experiences.
    It's important to acknowledge that we volunteer our time for a great organization and for a broader movement that has a long and proud record.
    I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our Club values -
    As a large, diverse Club we collectively hold the following values:
    Operating with Integrity.
    Treating others respectfully.
    Communicating openly.
    Working efficiently.
    Making safety a priority.
    Matthew Ponsford President

    70th Anniversary celebrations - buy your ticket !

    It's hard to believe that it's not that far away !

    Winter is nearly over, so it's time to start the Summer Season with a huge party!!!! Let's celebrate the Surf Club's 70th Anniversary with a PARTY FOR ALL AGES!!!! Everyone involved with the Point Lonsdale Community are invited to attend whether you are a member or not. If you're not going to the races don your BLACK & GOLD, or get dressed up in your finest, OR combine both - Gather your group of friends and come along!!! Guaranteed to be a huge night. Look out Summer here we come!!!!
    What to expect on the SATURDAY night:
    - Gourmet Finger Food all night long
    - Live Band
    - Daryl Braithwaite's 'Horses' will get you rockin'
    - Dance till you drop
    - Happy Hour
    - Drinks @ bar prices
    What to expect at the SUNDAY brunch:
    - Live Band
    - Sit down Gourmet BBQ Brunch and dessert
    - Drinks @ bar prices
    Tickets include SATURDAY NIGHT & SUNDAY BRUNCH click on the link below:

    What's happening at the Club ?

    Want to know what's happening now and in the future at the Club ?

    All Club events and selected LSV and SLSA events are published on our central Google Calendar, which can be accessed on the Club's Website Home Page. (Image is example - please visit the Club's Website for the latest events).

    Keep up to date and keep informed !

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    Did you know that we provide regular updates and information via both social media and have so for several years ? (Over the peak summer period, we often provide several updates a day !)
    Even if you're not into social media, you can view recent posts on our Club Website Home Page.

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    Please Support the Sponsors that Support us

    Our varied and extensive Club services and activities would not be possible without the generous support of many varied Sponsors. Next time you require a service, please consider supporting those who support us and let them know that you value their ongoing support. Want to sponsor us or have a contact ? If so, please email Nat -

    Our Vision (updated post recent AGM resolution)

    We will provide lifesaving services for the community of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff, enable our members to develop their skills, knowledge and experience in lifesaving and sports and to improve the profile and influence of the club through community and member involvement and leadership in development programs and initiatives. We will be an open and inclusive organization and integral part of the community that we serve.

    Key Contacts

    Club Office:
    (03) 5258 1257
    PO Box 120 Point Lonsdale VIC 3225

    Current : Open 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
    Mon, Tue & Wed.
    Answering machine when unattended.

    KD Allen Clubrooms / Glaneuse Bar:
    (03) 5258 3300
    HC Windmill Back Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 4123
    Santa Casa Beach Base:
    (03) 5258 3366
    4WD Mobile:
    0427 231 333

    Executive Committee:

    Matthew Ponsford
    Mb - 0419 52 52 58

    Senior Vice President:
    James Coutie
    Mb - 0438 377 947

    Club Captain: (Life Saving Services - ie. Patrols & Lifesaving Equipment)
    Charlie Pitney
    Mb - 0430 355 353

    Vice President Lifesaving: (Training and Assessment - ie. Camps, Courses and Skills Maintenance)
    Justine Cain
    Mb - 0417 182 686

    Vice President Aquatic Sports:
    Drew Robinson
    Mb - 0409 544 182

    Vice President Youth & Leadership Development: (Nippers)
    Richard Howden
    Mb - 0448 568 158

    Steve Woodfull
    Mb - 0428 566 627

    Matthew Ponsford (Acting until replacement found)
    Mb - 0419 52 52 58

    Vice President Property:
    Andrew MacLeod
    Mb - 0417 057 080

    Vice President Marketing:
    Natalie Cann
    Mb - 0418 112 995

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