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President's Update

Dear Families,

My best friend in high school, Matt, had a habit of driving fast. One day after classes, he raced past the front of school a million miles per hour right in front of our science teacher, Mr. Lindow. Mr. Lindow quickly hopped in his car and followed the speeding vehicle down the street. Matt was running low on fuel and stopped at a gas station up the road. While Matt stood there pumping gas, Mr. Lindow drove up behind him, got out of his car and confronted the teenager.

“Hey, you can’t drive that fast by the school!” Mr. Lindow exclaimed.

“Mr. Lindow, we aren’t in school right now,” Matt’s replied. 

Matt had delivered a factual, yet disrespectful answer. Saying nothing, Mr. Lindow calmly walked back to his car and drove away. My friend shrugged it off. Since the incident did not take place on school property during the school day, he was sure that it was over. The matter was closed... that was, until the next day of school. 

Mr. Lindow was waiting for Matt outside his first-period class. "We are in school now,” Mr. Lindow sternly stated. 

I won’t go into the details regarding what happened next. However, I can assure you that Matt never raced by the front of the school again.

As the well-earned summer approaches, I wish all of our MC students a safe and restful break from classes. Please remember that each one of us represents Malden Catholic - even when we aren’t in school. Our connection and responsibility to each other transcends the physical building and our academic classes. Summer is a time to enjoy family and friends, and refresh ourselves for the next school year.

Enjoy the summer!

John Thornburg

At a Glance

Monday, June 5

Final Exams: Period A - 8 AM

Final Exams: Period B - 9:35 AM

Tuesday, June 6

Final Exams: Period C - 8 AM

Final Exams: Period D - 9:35 AM

Wednesday, June 7

Final Exams: Period E - 8 AM

Final Exams: Period F - 9:35 AM

Thursday, June 8

Final Exams: Period G - 8 AM

Final Exams: Period H - 9:35 AM

Spring Sports Awards Night - 5:30 PM

MC Day of Giving Back

Friday, June 9

School and College Counseling Update

All final college transcripts will automatically be sent to attending colleges by the second week in June. Please reach out to Mrs. DelGenio with any questions at [email protected].

What's New?

Final Exams - 6.5 to 6.8

Final exams for Grades 9 - 11 will begin on Monday, June 5 and will continue through Thursday, June 8. During exams, students are permitted to dress down and are not required to be present unless they have an exam scheduled. LBK transportation will operate on its regular morning schedule and the after-school LBK transportation will depart from MC at 11:15 AM after the second exam. The school will close for students daily at 11:30 AM.

Please note the following exam schedule:

Monday, June 5

Period A Exam: 8 AM - 9:20 AM

Period B Exam: 9:35 AM - 10:55 AM

Tuesday, June 6

Period C Exam: 8 AM - 9:20 AM

Period D Exam: 9:35 AM - 10:55 AM

Wednesday, June 7

Period E Exam: 8 AM - 9:20 AM

Period F Exam: 9:35 AM - 10:55 AM

Thursday, June 8

Period G Exam: 8 AM - 9:20 AM

Period H Exam: 9:35 AM - 10:55 AM

2022 - 2023 Yearbook Purchase for Grades 9 - 11 - 6.5

Any students in Grades 9 - 11 who are interested in purchasing a 2022 - 2023 yearbook, please create a Jostens account and order your yearbook through this link. The deadline to order a yearbook is Monday, June 5. (The cost for Senior yearbooks are included in Senior fees that were collected at the beginning of the school year.)

MC's Day of Giving Back - 6.8

This Thursday, June 8, is Malden Catholic's Day of Giving Back. Our goal is to provide as many students as possible the superior quality education that Malden Catholic has to offer.

Plus, MC Trustees will unlock $5,000 in donations when 50 families from the Classes of 2023, 2024, 2025 and/or 2026 make a gift of $25 or more. This special day creates opportunities for the next generation of Lancers... so let's be #ALL IN FOR MC!

Register for MC Summer Camp 2023!

Summer is right around the corner! Malden Catholic is once again pleased to offer onsite sports camps and classes this summer. These classes typically fill up quickly, so be sure to enroll soon!

Register today on the MC website to secure your sport in MC Summer Sports Camps and engaging classes in HSPT Test Prep, Math and more!

MC Book Swap - 7.12 at 11 AM

The Family-to-Family MC Book Swap will be held on Wednesday, July 12 from 11 AM – 1:30 PM. Tables will be set for each grade under the white MC tent and parents/students can buy and sell used books. Donated books will be available on a first come, first served basis. Families are welcome to bring cash or checks and/or make payments through Venmo.

Please note that this is a family-to-family event and Malden Catholic is not responsible for any of the sales or book pricing.

Representatives from Collegiate House will also be at the event selling school uniforms. 

What's Happening Around MC?

Malden Catholic Celebrates 88th Commencement

Check out Malden Catholic's 88th Commencement Ceremony video on MC's YouTube Channel and an article featuring four Wilmington graduates in the The Wilmington Apple.


Commencement Ceremony conferral of diploma photos for all of our graduates are now available on MC's Public SmugMug album (password - maldencatholic99).

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 4 Wilmington Students Graduate From Malden Catholic

On Saturday, May 20, 2023, Malden Catholic celebrated the 88th Commencement ceremony with 156 graduates from the Boys and Girls Divisions. The Class of 2023 commencement was held in the Doherty Gymnasium with more than 800 family members, faculty and staff in attendance.

Read More

National Spanish Exam & National Medusa Mythology Exam Results

We would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding National Spanish Exam and National Medusa Mythology Exam Results!

Fine Arts Night

We would like to thank MC's Performing and Fine Arts Department along with our students for their outstanding Broadway-themed dance and singing performances last weekend in the Thomas '66 and Olivia McDonough Performing Arts Center! Beautiful visual fine art pieces could also be seen and enjoyed throughout the atrium.

MC's Dance Company Presents a Check to American Cancer Society

MC's Dance Company presented the American Cancer Society with a check from "Dancers Against Cancer," a fundraising event organized by Selene Ferreira '24 and Olivia Goff '23. Olivia will attend Boston College in the fall and was selected to be on the BC Athletics official dance team, the Pom Team. Way to go!

Christian Service Program Information

Information regarding MC's Christian Service Program is now available on the MC website through this link. Please contact Lauren Connolly with any questions about Christian Service at [email protected].

Plus Ultra Awards

April and May

The Plus Ultra Awards program is MC's monthly initiative to recognize students and faculty members who have gone Plus Ultra, "more beyond," and exemplify the Xaverian charism. Malden Catholic is proud to recognize the following individuals who have demonstrated one of the following five spiritual values in April and May. Congratulations to all!


Mrs. Stacey Sullivan

According to Malden Catholic Administration, "Mrs. Stacey Sullivan consistently, patiently, and devotedly embraces simplicity like no other. Her unwavering love for her students and dedication to their success shapes everything she does on a daily basis. We are incredibly fortunate to have her as a strong advocate and exemplary model of Christian faith for MC's young men and women!

Lisbeth Monteagudo '25

According to Malden Catholic Administration, "Lisbeth has consistently demonstrated herself to be an honest, sincere, and straightforward student. Throughout the school year, she has consistently shown her dedication through hard work and reliability. It is evident that these qualities make her deserving of the Simplicity Plus Ultra Award."


Christian Ogata '25

Malden Catholic Administration stated, "Christian is a student who possesses numerous talents. He has consistently demonstrated his strength in academics, music, and understanding of global affairs. Despite these accomplishments, Christian embodies true humility as a worthy recipient of the humility award. Rather than seeking attention for himself, he joyfully and quietly continues to enhance and refine his various skill sets."

Rachael Burke '24

Malden Catholic Administration stated, "Rachael consistently proves herself to be one of the most dedicated contributors to the work of Campus Ministry and XBSS through her active involvement on the Ryken Council. She readily accepts any responsibility for the betterment of the group and serves as a steadfast spiritual leader. Her presence has been instrumental in numerous schoolwide liturgies and celebrations, where she quietly shines as a key figure."


Isla Anderson '26

Malden Catholic Administration said, "Isla's dedication to academics and her community is truly remarkable. Isla offered to cover the cost of another student's lunch and exemplifies true compassion to her fellow classmates. We take great pride in Isla's consistent display of effortless compassion in her daily actions."

Mrs. Peggy Davis

Malden Catholic Administration said, "Mrs. Davis consistently embodies the value of compassion. She actively seeks out and greets every member of the school community she encounters throughout the building, ensuring that they feel acknowledged and cared for. Her genuine and authentic nature serves as a powerful example of compassion within our school community." 


Ian McCarthy '24

According to Malden Catholic Administration, "Ian has fully immersed himself in the MC community by actively participating in sports, clubs, and tackling a challenging courseload. His unwavering commitment to the school community is evident as he places his trust in his classmates, teachers, and coaches. Through his actions, he has become an influential role model for underclass students to admire and emulate within the school environment."

Ethan Shan '24

According to Malden Catholic Administration, "Ethan has garnered the trust of both his classmates and the school, evident by his recent election as the Student Council President for the upcoming year. He is an exceptional student who consistently demonstrates diligence in the classroom. Additionally, Ethan's polite demeanor and representation of the school make him deserving of the Trust Plus Ultra Award."


Selene Ferreira '24

Malden Catholic Administration stated, "Selene consistently demonstrates wholehearted dedication in everything she undertakes, and she excels at it. Whether she's on stage, on the field, in the classroom, or working in an internship, she always strives to showcase her utmost abilities and consistently goes above and beyond. Selene's commitment to continuous learning is unwavering, and we are delighted to have her as a valuable member of the MC Community!"

Zachary Balandan '25

Malden Catholic Administration stated, "Zach is a truly deserving recipient of the Plus Ultra Award for his exceptional zeal. Every day, he can be relied upon to wear a smile as he walks through the halls. His enthusiasm for the school and the school community is clearly evident, showcasing his genuine passion."


Spring Sports Awards Night

Spring Sports Awards Night will be held on Thursday, June 8 at 5:30 PM in the Doherty Gymnasium followed by team award breakout rooms. All students must arrive at the event in Mass attire.

Fall Sports Registration is Now Open!

Registration for Malden Catholic fall sports is now open. All parents/guardians must register students through Family ID at https://hello.familyid.com/ prior to tryouts.