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Sales end on Monday, February 19 th @ midnight

Skin Therapist recommends Citrus Silk
Buy 3 - 2oz Citrus Silk and Get 2 FREE !!!
Orange You Glad It's a Holiday
1 Citrus Silk 2oz
1 Tigers Eye Basic Pendant
1 Vibrational Music CD Set of 4  
Buy 2 - 4oz Love get 1 FREE
Buy 2 - 2oz Love get 1 FREE
1  -  2oz Love
1  -  AUM Crystal
1  -  Swarovski Sirius Crystal

The complete info on Love direct from our partner manufacturer!

Pre-Opportunity meeting, Thursday, April 5th, from 6:45pm-8pm in Del Ray Beach

Saturday, April 5, 2018
DoubleTree by Hilton Deerfield Beach / Boca Raton
100 Fairway Drive Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
9am to 5pm

Post Opportunity Meeting - Monday 4/9 from 7-8pm at Double Tree Hotel

Special rate for all attendees  will be in next week's Current .

What will we get trained on?
  • All the new rules and how to Maximize your income based on all the changes.
  • Preferred Customer Program to be introduced
  • Maximizing your compensation plan
  • New Research Product
  • Up to $200 in free products for all ticket holders.
  • Lunch will be provided 

    Event price $69.00 till end of February, $79.00 till end of March, $89.00 in April and at the door.

Current REFUNDABLE rate for the Double Tree by Hilton is $209 --- OUR Corporate rate with this link for reservation is $139.00.  SO please book your reservation ASAP.


As we launch into the completed Vibranz branding and building toward our official launch event in the spring we will be rewarding Consultants for these leader results. To get the momentum started we are having another contest over the next 2 months, starting FEBRUARY 1, 2018 ENDING ON MARCH 31ST, 2018. Become a Leader now to make 2018 your best year for wellness and wealth!


Enroll 2 new Customers and or Consultants each month for a total of 4 (yes, they can all be enrolled in 1 month) and you will receive 1 portioned share in a company bonus pool equal to 2% of the total BV for the 2 months sales. The top 3 Consultants above that amount will receive an additional pro-rated split of another bonus pool of 2% of company BV over those 2 months. Any Consultant who earns any of these bonuses may take product in lieu of cash at a rate of 4 times the cash value based on the wholesale product price.

Energetic Tooth Polish and Gum Regeneration Paste:
Mix 1 part Aum Crystals with 1 part Aum Clay, ½ part A Sirius Silver, add Mint Matrix 1 drop at a time to taste. Add additional Silver or Distilled or filter water to desired paste consistence
Cloud water recipe and recommendations:
 Add 1 tablespoon of Aum Crystals and 1 tablespoon of Aum Clay in 1 gallon of Distilled or filtered water. Drink 2 - 8oz glasses per day or more. 1 in the morning with or before breakfast and 1 later in the day before dinner. Shake container before drinking to create cloud effect. To further enhance the Cloud water you may add a few pumps of A Sirius Silver and for flavor a squirt of Mint Matrix.
Some of you have noticed that your Commission Reports are being placed in your back office now. Once you hover over the left hand menu it will slide open. scroll down until you see the menu header "COMMISSIONS".
  • Weekly Commissions
  • Monthly Commission
Once you select which report you want to go to, click on the purple 3 bar icon for the commission entry. There you will see a detailed commissions view. if you wish to get a print out or download a PDF of your commission report, lets go to the right menu.
If your right hand side menu is not open, Click on the Green 3 Bar Icon on the top right hand side of your screen. This will open the right hand side menu.
Now that you opened the right hand side menu, scroll down and click on the menu header "PDF Maker" Now you will see various options 
  • Export
  • Print
  • Send Email
  • Save as Document
Sponsor notifications are now in testing and you should be receiving one when a personally sponsored Consultant or Customer places an order. The Customer making the purchase will be getting an email notice also.

 Click Here For Detailed Instructions

 Click Here For Detailed Instructions
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