Universal Church of the Master
Universal Church of the Master

Presidents Message and UCM Annual conference report.


The Annual Conference, "Let your Light Take Flight", was a success in many ways. If you weren't able to be there in person we want to take this opportunity to share that success with you, our membership and supporters. 


FRIDAY: May 16, 2014


Headquarters hosted an opening prayer meditation filled with music. The evening included Reverend Janet Phares on her inspired flute, and Reverend Janet Childs with a song created especially for the Conference. There was an invocation of the Archangels, and a meditation, led by Reverend Debbie Uharriet. We then experienced a wonderful connection with spirit via messages from Reverend Lynn Rogers. The office was full of glowing candles and the path to and from the parking lot was lit with luminaries. 


We asked spirit to Light our work and that request was answered many times over.  



  Revs. Mary Garry & Debbie Uharriet      Revs. Janet Phares & Janet Childs 

SATURDAY: May 17, 2014


The morning opened with a Breakfast - Hosted by the Men of UCM. It was

M.C.'ed wonderfully by the new Vice-President, Reverend Ronnie Grigsby. Reverend Kyle Burch, President of the new group, led a blessing for the Conference Keynote Speaker, Rev Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. Reverend Ronnie Grigsby acknowledged all the UCM ministers who have been working faithfully in the field from the most senior to the newest students. The coffee, food and fellowship shared by all were a wonderful way to launch the conference and we are hoping that it will become an annual event.



We relocated to the Center for Creative Living, UCM #801, for the Keynote offering. Reverend Doti Boon graciously donated her facility at no cost for the Saturday Conference. All of our expectations were exceeded by Reverend Richard Jelusich Ph.D. Dr. Jelusich is an internationally known and respected speaker, who has trained and supports 400 healers in the US and Canada. Several of those students are UCM Ministers or Reverends. UCM is fortunate to have him in the role of Education Chair. His powerful presentation on "Externalization of the Christ" left the group abuzz and carried us well through lunch and into the business meeting. 

The Annual Business Meeting of the membership began at 1:30pm, and was filled with outreach to spirit and re-commitment to our own spiritual work, led by Reverend David Skinner. The Board shared the challenges/opportunities and activities for the past year. It was a demanding, exciting and blessed be, financially solvent year. We reduced the deficit spending from an average of $30,000 per year for the past several years to $6,000 this year and are on track for a small profit next year. The interim committee has agreed to continue their expanded service. While this group served with no compensation and along with other board members paid their annual renewal fees; (free renewals were historically a benefit for Board service). Other savings beside the absence of Presidential salary and benefits were due to small income growth through the renegotiation of some contracts, classes at Headquarters, space rental and tight internal expense controls. Beginning July 2014 the interim committee will each accept $100 dollars a month for expense reimbursement. We all want to continue the re-commitment to UCM that has developed within the Board during the year. 


The election results this year included the re-election of Reverend Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., election of Reverend Kyle Burch, Ed.D. and the consecrating of a new charter, Universal Church of the Master Men's Fellowship, Dr. William C. Briggs Chapter #828, Reverend Kyle Burch, President.

Reverends Mary Garry, David Skinner, Richard Jelusich, Debbie Uharriet
and Kyle Burch (Revs. Jelusich and Burch are being installed as trustees at the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting at the Center for Creative Living, UCM #801)    

Our goal is to become more solvent by increasing membership. The board approved reducing the re-instatement fees to $175, transfer of credentials from other ministries cost from $960 to $200, charter establishment from $500 to $250 and developing enriched tools for sponsoring ministers.

The Conference is our Major fundraiser for the year and the Silent Auction is always the most successful of all the events including this year when it raised $1,298. We were touched by the increase in donations (Books, Readings etc.) from Members around the country and hope that even more of you will consider donating next year.  

The video of the Presidents message at that meeting is available via a link from the Web site, u-c-m.org.

After the business meeting we all retired to the location of our wonderful Italian Dinner, catered by Reverend Corry Gott. Once there we had our own Roman Goddess (Reverend Lynn Rogers) and Roman Gladiator (Healer Kris Miller) who gave us a peek into possible Lives in Rome and cleansed our aura respectively.

Master of Ceremonies, Reverend Mike Genzmer facilitated a delightful Concert Festival of UCM musicians. Mike has already been tapped for a repeat performance next year.   

It was good food, delightful entertainment, a super time for all and a great cap to a successful Conference.


Hope to see you all next year -- Mark your calendars for:

 May 15, 16, 17, 2015