Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 7 Number 2
March 2013 
A Message from the President
Jay Pagano 


I am pleased to report significant hurricane recovery in the Pines.  We have been working through our Erosion Control District to implement a trap bag project in the Pines.  We believe this is the most effective project that can be implementTrap Bagsed in a short period of time.   Our project is modeled after a similar one that was done in Saltaire in late December.  Similar projects are being pursued in the Brookhaven communities of Ocean Bay Park and Davis Park.  We have been working for the last two months to resolve issues related to construction/logistics, financing and permitting.  The issues have been resolved.  We are relying on the Town to accomplish this project and this brings complex Town procedures and rules into play.  The Town staff has been helpful.  The tight deadline has made it more complicated.  Piping Plover season begins on April 1 and any project has to be completed by the end of March.  I am pleased to report we have resolved all of the issues and the project construction will begin Monday and should complete within three weeks.  The trap bags are 6 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet high and they taper towards the top.  The bags are linked together Piping Ploverin 100 bag sections. Construction will be done by Reilly Construction of Central Islip Long Island.  We worked with Russ Reilly on the beach scraping following Hurricane Irene in 2011.  We were very pleased with his work and look forward to working with him on the new project.   The bags are in shipment and will arrive Monday.  Tony's Barge will be involved with the shipments to the Pines.  The bags will be placed the entire length of the Pines.  The bags will be placed at the toe of eroded dunes or immediately seaward of existing structures (whichever is more seaward).  At the conclusion of the project we will install a length of sand fence in front of the trap bags using a zig zag pattern. The project is being financed through the Town's borrowing authority and will be repaid through our taxes over a five year period.   

It took us over a month from the time of our application to the New York State DEC to obtain our necessary permit.  The permit has a number of significant conditions attached to it.  In order to do the project we had to accept the conditions.  The conditions include completion by March 31, scraping a very narrow area to fill the bags,   a scraping project in August to cover the bags assuming we meet the conditions for scraping and removal of the bags if a larger beach replenishment project occurs.     
We are coordinating the project with debris removal.   The Army Corps of Engineers will begin debris removal in the Pines on Monday.  We do not have the final plan yet but anticipate contractors will be picking up debris from in front of homes.  In the case of the ocean front houses, debris will be picked up on either the Ocean Walk or beach side of the home. 

Boardwalk repairs are underway.  The Highway Department plans to repair the boardwalks between Fisherman and Sail Walk, the Ocean and Nautilus Walks area and the Cedar to Pine Walk area.  As soon as the trap bag project completes the walks and steps to the beach will be reconstructed.  At this time only every other set of steps will be reconstructed.  The rest will follow later.

FIPPOA is undertaking repairs to the electrical systems for the Pines Marina.  Those repairs are estimated to cost $40,000 and will be completed by April 15th.

We are fortunate that our community did not sustain the level of damage in many other communities on Fire Island.  We believe that the trap bag project we are implementing will provide protection from the ocean until a larger project can go in.  Debris from the storm will be removed in March, substantial repairs to the boardwalks will occur and our Marina will be up and running.  We expect The Pines to be in good shape by the beginning of the season.  

And finally, we have good news from Fire Island Pines Ventures: the Pavilion construction is substantially underway and on schedule to open Memorial Day Weekend.  "We are very excited for the community to experience the newly designed Pavilion, which opens Memorial Day weekend with an impressive line-up of DJ talent" says Constantino Papadakis, General Manager.



 President Jay Pagano            




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Home owners LIPAshould either make sure that a licensed electrician has inspected their electrical systems or when they turn on the main breaker in the house that someone is planning on staying at the house for a period of time to make sure nothing arcs.  Homeowners should also turn off their main breaker upon leaving for the week to ensure safety.



Gate At Whyte Hall
A Legacy Gift From The Estate of
James R. Brokken
Edward R. Schroer

If you have not already done so, please consider making a donation to the Whyte Hall Annual Fund. Whyte Hall serves as the central venue for many Pines' activities and will be the site of our community's 60th anniversary celebration this summer. Your support assures that Whyte Hall will remain attractive and well-maintained for all who use it. Our latest improvement is a gate that masks the equipment area under the Lepage Pavilion as you approach the building. 



I N   M E M O R I A M


Dennis Serrianne 


Dennis Serrianne, a long time Fire Island resident of Cherry Grove and the Pines, passed away on October 23, 2012. Dennis first settled in the Grove in the mid 1970-ties and later moved to the Pines, first as a renter, later as a home owner and for past couple of years he was full time resident of the Pines, retiring from his position with the New York City Department of Finance.  He supported the Pines in many ways volunteering for many charitable events. He wrote a social column for the Fire Island News. Dennis was a founding member, chairman and vice chairman of Fire Island Pines Fire Corps. He was often seen playing his Clava sticks or flagging at the Sip n' Twirl and the Pavilion. Dennis was also an avid gardener and chef. He is survived by his partner of 22 years, 1st Assistant Fire Chief, Bo Fridsberg. A celebration of Dennis' life will be held in the spring in the Pines.    


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