Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 7 Number 3 
April 29, 2013 
A Message from the President
Jay Pagano 


Welcome back to the Pines!


I am sure that many, including myself, are dealing with repairs due to Hurricane Sandy. I encourage everyone to be patient.  Everything will get repaired. It will just take a little time. I have been pleased to see a veritable army of workers getting off the first boat each morning. The community is in good shape. We can be proud we have accomplished so much, so fast to get past Sandy.


Many have asked why the new sand fence was run so close to the dune. The high tide was near the dune at the time of installation and this prevented the zig zag pattern in many places. Our contractor, Bobby Palermo, has promised to come back and re-do certain sections when conditions permit.


The electrical repairs to our marina have been completed, permitting our boats to return. Repairs to the lighting in the harbor plaza will be the next priority and we hope to have this completed in the next week or two.


The hurricane debris cleanup conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers was excellent. It took them a while to get to the Pines, but when they finally came the contractor did an excellent job. FIPPOA worked closely with the contractor to coordinate the cleanup.  For a period of three weeks the Corps had a crew of as many as 70 to gather, sort and ship the debris out of the Pines. 


Boardwalk repairs continue. The highway department is now focused on replacing the walks and stairs to the ocean. The walks and stairs at Harbor, Atlantic and Sail have been completed. Walk and stair replacement at Susan, Sail and Nautilus are underway and will be completed by this weekend. Ozone and Beach Hill will follow.  We are working closely with the Highway Department on boardwalk repairs.  We have requested - and the Highway Department  has agreed - to the goal of trying to replace all of the stairs to the beach by Memorial Day.  


We have for the last few years been pursuing AT&T to add cell towers in the Pines. The company has argued that the community is adequately served by the cell towers in Ocean Beach. We have had difficulty persuading them to the contrary. But hopefully we have good news here. A team from AT&T visited the community two weeks ago and toured the community and the community center. Garry Korr and I wined them and dined them to help insure a favorable result. They were impressed by what they saw. They also monitored for cell reception and lack there of. They have not made a final decision on the matter but Garry and I are optimistic that it will be favorable. For this summer they have offered to redirect the equipment in Ocean Beach to try to alleviate the problem of poor reception for AT&T customers.


The Pines Conservation Society (PCS) will conduct its annual pre-season party next Saturday, May 4. PCS is undertaking the replacement of the pine tree at the center of our harbor plaza which was done-in by Sandy. The new tree will be here in the second week of May. PCS is also doing the cleanup of the Cranberry Bog on Ocean Walk at Nautilus. PCS does valuable work to preserve and beautify the community and I encourage everyone to attend the party.  It is always a lovely kick-off to the Pines summer season.


The Pines will celebrate its 60th anniversary this summer. FIPPOA has planned two celebrations that are covered elsewhere in the newsletter. We are fortunate to be here for the 60th after a couple of rough years in the Pines. We are also planning a 60th Jubilee Commemorative Journal to be distributed to each house early in the summer.   Many thanks go to Bob Howard for pursuing this endeavor.


FIPPOA continues to be very concerned about the breach at the eastern end of the island.  We have not let up in pressing our elected officials to get it closed.  Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Congressman Bishop as well as the Suffolk County and Brookhaven officials all support closing.  The New York DEC continues their review and have not made a final decision at this time.  The environmental interests continue to oppose closing. 


I know that everyone has been tracking the progress of the rebuilding of the Pavilion and are excited. The owners assure me that they are on track for a Memorial Day opening.


Hurricane Sandy was a once in a hundred year storm and was hard on Fire Island. We survived it. I think we can look forward to a great summer of 2013.    



 President Jay Pagano            




FIPPOA Political Action Committee - Supporting our Elected Officials


We are pleased to announce the first of what are likely to be two FIPPOA-PAC sponsored political fundraisers this summer. 


On SaturPAC Logoday, June 8th, Ariadne and Juan Villarreal have generously agreed to open their beautiful Pines home to host Congressman Tim Bishop.  Congressman Bishop has been a steady friend to the Pines and to the GLBT community.  He and his staff are committed to helping the community with the next Beach Replenishment, and he has been at the forefront in efforts to protect both Fire Island and communities on the mainland that fall within his congressional district from the dangers caused by the breach from Hurricane Sandy.   


The fundraiser will begin with lunch, and the suggested minimum contribution is $150/person.  Ariadne and Juan live at 600A Tuna.  Please come hear the Congressman speak and bring questions that are important to you as a resident of the Pines.


FIPPOA has formed a Noise Committee headed by Paul Teixeira to address the problem of excessive noise from the bars in the harbor.  The committee has worked over the winter with the bar owners.   The Bar owners have agreed to work toward a remedy for the problem. 
One of theNoise first issues we will address at the start of this season is determining the acceptable level of noise at various times of the day and different places around the harbor and the rest of the community. To do that, the committee has purchased several decibel meters, one each for the businesses and one for our use, in order to have uniform readings.
The committee will also retain the services of a monitor who will patrol the harbor area overnight on weekends, taking regular decibel readings, logging those numbers, and informing the businesses when the reading exceeds the agreed upon decibel levels. This monitor will also provide additional security in the community, deterring people from sleeping in the harbor or urinating in public. This position will be paid entirely by funds raised by the committee and not from the FIPPOA operating budget. With the re-opening of the Pavilion, we hope that this season will be better than ever, and -hopefully- provide a little more peace and quiet.
P. Teixeira, Chair
Andrew Ambrosio, Colin Glinsman, Mike Hartstein
Nicole LaFountaine, Patrick  Riordan, Carlotta Rossini


 On Saturday, June 22nd, our community will mark its Diamond Jubilee, the 60th Anniversary of the Pines. Despite fires and hurricanes, we still have so much to celebrate!


The festiJubilee Logovities will include a wine and food tasting at Whyte Hall from 5-7 PM.  The Pines Liquor Shop will be hosting the wine tasting, and eight of our community caterers are generously donating samples of their most tasty items for our discriminating pallets to enjoy.   D.J. Lina will spin her dance music, and Scott Bromley and Tony Impavido are curating a fabulous display of Pines' memorabilia that will help us relive the joys and memories of our 60 years as a community.


Tickets will only be $60 which makes it affordable to all of our residents -- owners, renters, boaters - as well as admirers of the Pines.  FIPAP will be selling tickets in the harbor on weekends beginning May 11th following the FIPPOA Spring Membership Meeting, and can be purchased on during the week.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the event, you may contact either of us or Ken Pollard in the FIPPOA office.  With sponsorship come tickets to the event, which will also be a fundraiser for the FIPPOA Foundation.

Tickets will be limited, and we are hoping for a sold out afternoon of food, wine, music and nostalgia.  We hope you will purchase your tickets early and be a part of this important and joyous Pines community milestone.


Henry Robin, Event Chair

Laura Hartstein, Event Advisor



2013 Pines Party

For 15 years The Pines Party has been our landmark Community event, bringing together friends and neighbors (and meeting new ones) ... to celebrate our special beach and community... and this year is even more special, while we all come together to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Pines.
In good tradition, the celebration continues through to July 26th, during this year's Pines Party weekend.
This year's theme will honor and support marriage equality with the simple and powerful phrase, " I - DO ! "  
It's going to be a great summer in The Pines with much to celebrate:
Friday July 26 - "I-Do" Major Sponsor Kick-Off Celebration 7 to 9 pm
Saturday July 27 - "Pines Pool & Bachelor Party" 1 to 6 pm
Saturday July 27 - "Beach Ceremony & Reception" Main Event 10 pm to Sunrise
Sunday July 28 - "Honeymoon After-Party" Noon to 6 pm.
See you all at the festive events this summer,
Randy and Ed



The Seashore Defense Fund Campaign 2013
Love The Beach?  Share Your Love.

The Seashore Defense Fund is an emergency funding mechanism of FIPPOA that allows for immediate action when catastrophe faces Fire Island Pines' most valuable asset - its incomparable beaches.  In 2011, Hurricane Irene's wrath jeopardized the integrity of our beaches washing over the dunes in several locations.  Our worst fears were realized in less than a year when Super Storm Sandy devastated our beaches, decimated our dunes causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to homes and infrastructure.  If we did not have the SeSDF 2013 Posterashore Defense Fund available, it would have been impossible to launch the beach recovery efforts and take the short-term emergency actions to protect the Pines, which are now visible.  Because the Seashore Defense Fund could be tapped without getting permission of the innumerable local, state and federal agencies that control our dunes, FIPPOA was able to take emergency steps, which will help bolster the dunes, and our community until the next beach reclamation project takes place in 2013 or 2014. 

In the meantime, the Seashore Defense Fund is exhausted.  Thousands of yards of new Trap Bags filled with hundreds of cubic tons of sand scraped in March coupled with new fencing required all the money the Fund had accumulated over the year.  Will there be another Irene or Sandy between now and the next beach reclamation?  Obviously, no one knows for sure.  One thing we do know is that extreme weather is happening on a much more frequent cycle.  One hundred year storms are happening every five to ten years.  We cannot afford to be financially incapable of responding to the next unimagined crisis that places our community's very existence at risk.  Because we know this, this fall if the necessary funds are raised, FIPPOA will use the Seashore Defense Fund to plant more grass, erect more fencing and scrape the beach again before winter's storms hit the Pines.  Our goal is to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

How can we share our love for the beach?

After assessing last year's campaign, it was very clear a major goal should be making donating easier and fun while we continuing to provide valuable educational material and updates on the beach.  Here are four fun and easy ways you can participate in this year's campaign "Love The Beach?  Share Your Love."  And, of course, we know our creative Fire Island community will come up with other clever ways to raise money for the Fund.

Share your love for the beach at the Pines Pantry.  The cashiers at the now famous Pines Pantry "swipe and donate" program will be asking you for donations.  Just say "Yes" and add a buck or two or three to your purchase.  It is easy, broad reaching to you, your guests, renters, and visitors  - and won't break the bank.

Share your love for the beach at Low Tea. On Saturday, July 20th the Blue Whale has generously agreed to donate proceeds from a specialty cocktail at Low Tea.  Mark your calendar.

Share your love for the beach at the dinner table. Simply pick a time, gather a group of committed friends, housemates and guests and pledge your support to use your brunch, lunch or dinner to raise some funds. Gathering with friends at each other's homes for food and wine around the table is a wonderful Pines experience and tradition. The Seashore Defense Fund will supply donation envelopes for cash, check or credit card donations. Courtesy of the Pines Liquor Shop and The Pines Pantry wine and dessert will be supplied.  More details will be posted on our website.

With your help the Seashore Defense Fund will be ready this fall to scrape more sand, erect more sand fencing and plant more grass before winter's storms hit the Pines.  Help us stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.


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