Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 7 Number 5  
July 2013 
A Message from the President
Jay Pagano 


We have now reached the mid-point into what is turning out to be a wonderful summer in the Pines.  I feel that to a considerable extent we have put the hurricane behind us.  Certainly, home owners are still dealing with repairs and reconstruction but the community has moved on psychologically.  We will continue to be mindful of what the hurricane did as we move forward.


This weekend is the Fire Island Dance Festival sponsored by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BCEFA) - a bright spot in our summer.  It is a terrific event and has put the Pines on the world cultural map.  Everything seems to be coming together.  Thank you to all involved who make this jewel in our summer possible.  And I remind all that last fall a $5,000 grant was made to the Pines by the foundation to help with hurricane recovery.


The beach restoration project continues to be very active.  The Army Corps of Engineers is pursuing the FIMP project to restore the dunes the length of Fire Island.  The project is getting overwhelming support at all levels.  Both of our senators and Congressman Tim Bishop are actively involved.   Governor Cuomo has come out strongly in favor as well as Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine and the County Executive.  Please remember this support when we ask you to attend political fundraisers in the community.  This kind of support at the political level doesn't just happen.


There is a lot that has to happen for a project of this size to be implemented.  The big issues are sand source and dune line.  The sand source involves further scientific study as we must be careful to avoid taking sand from a source that naturally brings sand to the beach. We will get the project but as with any Federal Government project, it will take time.  Such projects do not happen overnight.  This project cannot happen this winter.  There is the possibility of an interim project on a smaller scale.  I spoke yesterday with Congressman Bishop's office.  He is the ranking committee member on the House Committee that controls the Army Corps financing.  He is actively pressing for this interim project.   


We continue to also pursue beach scraping.  We were hoping to do this project in August.  Sand conditions on our beach did not appear to permit it.  However, in the last few days there has been a significant nourishment of the beach.  The beach east of Beach Hill Walk is now over 100 feet in depth in all areas.  As a result we are now pursuing the necessary permits that will allow such a project.


I urge all ocean front home owners to avoid cutting through the trap bag project for beach access . It damages the project and undermines our work to rebuild the dunes.  It also angers other residents who are paying for the project.  Please don't do it!


We are attempting to further understand telecommunications in the Pines.  We believe that Verizon Wireless customers are adequately served by the existing equipment.  If residents feel the service is not adequate please let us know by email at


Jack Lichtenstein


Last night was the 90th birthday party for Jack Lichtenstein.  It was held at the SAGE headquarters in New York and attendees made a handsome contribution to SAGE on Jack's behalf.  It was a wonderful event attended by many Pines residents and included a video of Jack and Rita's performances in productions at the old and new community centers.   Hats off to Jack for reaching 90 and for standing in a white linen suit for four hours to receive his guests.  



The Pines Pantry has reported that the large number of pea-pods transporting groceries to the community are undermining the goal of having a high-end, full service grocery store.  I too share the desire for discount groceries.  However, I always shop at the Pines Pantry.  It is vitally important to the community and its existence supports our property values.  Please patronize the Pines Pantry. 


The weekend of July 26th is the 15th Pines Party.  I urge everyone to attend.  Communities are bound together by common traditions and the Pines Party is an important event.  We need your support to ensure that this tradition continues. 



 President Jay Pagano            



Pines Party Header
The tradition of the Fire Island Pines Beach Party started in 1979, subsequently continued by the GMHC Morning Party until 1998, and now the Pines Party for the past 15 years continues this year with "I DO!", a celebration of civil rights and marriage equality for the LGBT community. This overnight community beach party creates an oasis on the beach unparalleled by any other party in the country or the world.  This year the party will be located at the east end of the Pines.

The FIPPOA Charitable Foundation splits the Pines Party proceeds with the Stonewall Community Foundation which provides grants to deserving LGBTQ organizations in the Greater New York City Metropolitan area.

                                    Click here to purchase tickets or volunteer! 


A Prideful Walk In the Pines
Lori Zeller

Recently I had the opportunity to walk the Boulevard with the intention of counting the number of debris piles.  After a long campaign last year to promote Pines Pride I was curious if the marketing effort had a positive effect on our community.  Sadly enough, there were 18 piles from Sail to Susan.  Much to my disappointment, not that many were earmarked for chipping by Mike Jaggi.  After many conversations, I have come to realize that our homeowners may not know that "dumping debris" on Fire Island Boulevard is illegal and worthy of a $1,000 fine.  If any homeowner would like trees, branches or natural debris chipped, it is NOT OKAY to bring such items to the Boulevard.  Rather, call Mike Jaggi or Jim Kaufman:

Mike Jaggi     631-921-6747

Jim Kauffman   631-597-3746   or 631-834-9702

They will create an agreement with you, the homeowner, to remove your debris and charge you accordingly.  Please do not add your debris to piles that are waiting to be chipped on the Boulevard. 

If you see something, say something!  Garry Korr is a fantastic Board member dedicating his energies to a clean and beautiful community.  Please notify him and the town of Brookhaven with complaints of reckless disregard. Garry can be reached at

Having pride and taking action go hand in hand.  Please support the Pines Pride initiative by being responsible to your neighbors, your community and to the longevity of the Fire Island Pines.  If you have any questions about recycling or garbage pick up, please call Tony's Barge.  Tommy Esposito and his team are eager to help and can be contacted at  631-589-2130.


Part-Time Drivers Wanted!
FI Pines Mobility Carts

We are seeking additional part-time drivers for the Pines TOM RABIG & MARGIE Disability Carts, driving the elderly, disabled and injured to and from the ferries, the doctor or social engagements. Because of the carts, some of our most vulnerable residents are NOT housebound.  Without more volunteers we may not be able to provide this service, or only on a very limited basis.

If you would be willing to donate some time, we would greatly appreciate your help.  In addition to a sense of pride in assisting other members of our Pines' community, many riders do offer their drivers a gratuity.

The busiest times are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and you can choose to drive ONLY when it is convenient for you.

All drivers are fully trained to drive the carts and have ample time for practice runs before carrying passengers.

You do not need a driver's license, but you must be 18 years of age or older.

Call or email Kent Dillon for more information.

Seashore Defense Fund
Russell Saray

SDF Low Tea Whatever path unfolds with our beach scraping or reclamation project, the Seashore Defense Fund will be critical to assuring the health of the dunes. Your donations  provide the funding for the sand fencing, beach grass and Keep Off Dunes signage--all so vital to keeping our dunes stronger.  The fund is depleted and contributions this summer, unfortunately, have been much lower than expected.  We need to prime the pump and be ready to act as soon as possible.  Because SDF funds were available, we reacted quickly after Hurricane Irene with a beach scraping, sand fencing and new beach grass.  After Super Storm Sandy, SDF funds provided the down payment that allowed fast procurement and installation of the TrapBags that remain our only protection from storms until the next scraping or reclamation project takes place.   The Seashore Defense Fund continues to provide valuable information on its new website and makes it easy for you to donate online. You can also donate at the Pines Pantry or by hosting a dinner party. Come to Low Tea at the Blue Whale this Saturday, July 20th where a portion of drink sales will be donated to the SDF!  Every dollars counts and adds up. 

 Please visit and consider a donation now.

In Memoriam

Paul McGregor 

Paul McGregor was one of the most influential hairdressers in NY in the late 60's. He is credited with inventing the shag cut, most famously for Jane Fonda in Klute. He was a fixture of the hippy St. Marks scene and perhaps the inspiration for Warren Beatty in Shampoo.  In November of 1992, The New York Times featured McGregor in the Style Section.


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