Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 8 Number 2      
April 2014


FIPPOA is moving both short and long term to address the need to restore the dunes destroyed by super storm Sandy.

Residents returning this spring can see a nicely developing dune in front of the trap bag project that we put in March of 2013.  The development of the dune has been aided by the sand fence that we ran in front of the trap  bags.  In the last two weeks, FIPPOA has moved to encourage the development of this dune by running a new line of fence with a pronounced zig zag pattern and planting beach grass on the tops and sides of the trap bags.

We were able to move speedily on this short term path because of your contributions to the Seashore Defense Fund (SDF).  Without this readily available source of money this could not have happened.  We have undertaken this work because the timetable for the larger project is uncertain.  Yes, we are hedging our bets.

The larger project rebuilding of our dunes is moving along, but at a slower pace than the FI communities would like.  The Army Corps of Engineers has published the necessary documents announcing the Fire Island to Moriches Inlet (FIMI) project and containing within it the necessary Environmental Assessment.   The public comment period was extended by two weeks until April 17.  The FIA comments and the FIPPOA comments can be accessed here.  The Army Corps is now analyzing the comments received and preparing a response.   We have been informed that there is no significant opposition to the project.   This is important because significant opposition at this stage could either delay or even derail the project.  There is a conflict with Suffolk County with regard to the proposed project as it relates to Smith Point County Park and various restrictions imposed to protect wildlife, but the Army Corps is moving to resolve these issues. 

Most importantly, the good news is that the major environmental groups have supported the project.  Their opposition would pose a significant problem and we are thankful to have them backing the project.   The FIPPOA and FIA letters in support of the project can be read here.

Moving forward the next step in the regulatory process is the issuance by the Army Corps of a Decision of No Significant Impact.  This document will be made public and posted for one month.  At the Department of the Interior, the Fish & Wildlife Department is also preparing its biological assessment of the project at this time.  We do not have an exact timetable for these next steps, but we believe the agencies are operating on a 60 day time frame.  During this time various environmental issues posed by the project will be negotiated and resolved by the agencies. 

I know everyone is concerned about the timetable for the FIMI project reaching the Pines.  The timetable is uncertain because of the complexity of the project and possible snags as we move through the remaining regulatory phases of the project and the process of obtaining easements from the ocean front homeowners.  My information is that  the earliest date would be the first months of 2016 but I think the 2016 fall/winter is more realistic.

One side development relating to the project was an editorial published in the Long Island newspaper Newsday raising concerns about the project.  The FI communities have responded to the editorial board of Newsday regarding errors underlying the editorial.  The community responses to the Newsday editorial can be read here.

On June 8, SAGE will hold its annual benefit in the Pines.  SAGE will honor Mark and Eric Schrader, Henry Robin and me!  The goal for the benefit is $30,000 and they have raised $22,000.  The deadline for Sponsorships is this Friday. SAGE is a very worthwhile community organization.  Please consider a sponsorship to help them achieve their goal.

Elsewhere in the community, The Highway Department has rebuilt sections of Black Duck and Widgeon walks and replaced Pickety Ruff and Pine Walks. And repaired some sections of Fire Boulevard and are making other repairs throughout the community.  At the harbor, those of you who have been back to the community have been made aware that there are some problems with the depth of the channel used by Sayville Ferry.  FIPPOA will be dredging the harbor channel in the next two weeks.

Welcome back to the Pines!

Jay Pagano

The Date:     JULY 26, 2014, on the beach - 10:00 pm-sunrise.

The Theme:  SOUTH PACIFIC.  Think WWII in the Philippines!

The Dress:   Think Tropical, Cargo Culture, Tattered Fatigues, Navy Guys
                    and Gals........or just let your imagination flow.

The Music:   CHUS + CEBALLOS (Stereo Productions) and MORABITO (NYC)

Chus + Ceballos are the internationally-acclaimed, Spanish DJ/producer duo known for their distinctive "Iberican" sound. As one of the most in-demand DJ's on the global music scene, these masters of electronica know how to keep the party going. We are excited to bring Chus + Ceballos to our shores in their Fire Island debut!

Morabito needs no introduction on this island. After getting rave reviews across the nation for her musical evolution and reinvention introduced throughout the past year, we are especially excited to present the new Morabito in her Pines Party debut!

Together they will deliver an amazing and unforgettable night of music in one of the most dramatic settings of ANY PARTY ANYWHERE. We hope you will support the FIPPOA Charitable Foundation and Pines Party 2014 and look forward to seeing you on the dance floor. 

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The Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department is looking for volunteers.  Please visit their website at for more information on volunteer opportunities.  Continue reading if you are interested in serving as a fire commissioner.

The Fire Island Board of Fire Commissioners is in the process of searching  for a qualified candidate to be appointed to a vacant Board position.  The ideal candidate must be able to perform the duties of a fire district commissioner as set forth in NYS Town Law.

The candidate appointed to the position will hold office until December 31, 2014.  If elected at the annual election (July 8, 2014) by the registered voters of Fire Island Pines, the candidate would then serve out the remaining term of the vacancy which expires on December 31, 2017

The prospective candidate must be a registered voter and resident of Fire Island Pines.   The position does not require firematic knowledge or experience.  The candidate needs to be able to work on commissioner related functions/tasks and work together as part of a team.

If interested, please provide the Board of Fire Commissioners with a small bio that includes your contact information no later than May 7, 2014.  E-mail your information to:


FIPPOA Treasurer, Mike Hartstein, has prepared this explanation of your real estate tax bill.

Your Tax Bill Explained

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