Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 8 Number 4        
July 2014

Our beach replenishment project FIMI continues to move along. The draft Project Participation Agreement (PPA) between the State, the non-federal partner, and the Army Corps of engineers (ACR) has gone to the state for approval and execution.  We have not been given an estimate of how long the state will take to approve, but are anticipating about a month.  Once executed, the state in turn will enter into a similar agreement with Suffolk County who will be the local partner.  The Army Corps is still operating with a time frame of sand on the beach by mid to late mid-October.  The sand will go first to Smith County Park at the eastern end of Fire Island.  Getting the sand on the beach anywhere on Fire Island is critical because once it happens, there will be no turning back.  

The Suffolk County Legislature will vote on July 29 on the Resolution establishing the funding mechanism for acquiring the easements from ocean front homeowners.  This includes funding for the forty some properties that will be acquired.  

The time line detailing all of the steps is displayed in this graph.

A meeting is being set up between the federal, state and local agencies and the affected communities on July 27 to resolve a number of issues.  I will be attending the meeting.  Some of the issues that will be resolved include whether lot occupancy is affected by the easement.   We do not anticipate that it will be affected.  The physical removal of the houses that are being acquired from Fire Island will also be discussed.  

FIPPOA has mounted large billboards in the harbor explaining the FIMI project.  The signs are very informative.  Special thanks to Board member Russell Saray for helping to make this happen.  Please take time to check them out.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Congressman Tim Bishop have been with us every step of the way to make this project happen.  FIPPOA will co-host a Fundraiser for Senator Gillibrand on Saturday, August 9th from Noon to 1:30 at the home of Robbie Regina & Gene Kagan at 244 Bay Walk.  For further information you can contact Joe Conforti at

FIPPOA is negotiating an extension of the licensing agreement for Fire Island Boulevard with the Town of Brookhaven.  The current licensing agreement extends from Atlantic to Harbor.  The extension will include the area between Pine Walk and Nautilus Walk.   The extension is scheduled for a vote by the Town Council a public hearing on July 10th.   This is a milestone in the history of the Pines.  Residents have long complained of the condition of the greenway along the boulevard.  The license agreement will provide the means to clean it up.

The FIPPOA Board has appointed Sabrina Shulman as the Nominating Chair for the 2014 season.  Sabrina lives on Midway Walk with her wife Rosemary Coluccio.  All FIPPOA members interested in running for office should contact Sabrina at 914-625-6425 or at  I am delighted to welcome Sabrina as Nominating Chair.

Last week I attended the funeral of Bob Alfandre, longtime resident of the Pines, in Washington DC.  It was an Episcopal service filled with lots of pomp and circumstance.  Bob would have approved.  The family will hold a memorial service for Bob at his house on the ocean on August 17th.  As his friends know, Bob was a larger than life character.  He was famous for his many parties, costume and drag in Key West, Washington and on Fire Island.  Bob was very generous to many causes, including the Pines.  We will miss him.

There was a brush fire this morning at Ozone and Ocean Walk.  Fire Chief Bo Fridsberg says the fire was started by a cigarette.  Please be very cautious with cigarettes as they can be extremely hazardous when we have dry conditions such as now.
FIPPOA will be sending out the quadrennial survey next week.

The Invasion will occur at 2pm on Friday, weather permitting.  The rain date would be 2pm on Saturday July 5th.  Special Thanks to Ariadne Villarreal for handling all the details of the Invasion from the Pines' side and assuring that our neighbors are received in appropriate style.

Happy Fourth of July!


 Jay Pagano  



FIPV Sprucing Up The Pines!

As Brian Richards announced at the Spring Meeting, the Fire Island Pines Ventures crew spruced up Fire Island Boulevard from Sail to Sandy on June 8.  This was just the start of their monthly campaign of community service.


In Memoriam

Bob Alfandre

Longtime Pines resident Bob Alfandre passed away lat month.  Bob resided at 555 Ocean Walk.  Bob was an early supporter of AIDS organizations in Washington and Key West.  Bob also organized and hosted the first Human Rights Campaign Dinner.

John Horne
Pines resident John Horne of 251 Bay Walk passed away recently, John has been coming to the Pines for 47 years.  He is survived by his partner of 32 years, Akio Lin.


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Bob Alfandre

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