Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 8 Number 5         
August 2014

It is hard to believe that it is August 2014 already! 


On July 10th the Brookhaven Town Council unanimously approved a Licensing Agreement giving FIPPOA the authority to manage the parkland area running adjacent to the Fire Island Boulevard and roadway.  This is a culmination of a long pursued FIPPOA plan to address not only the general condition of this green space, but also the contractor work sheds and contractor vehicles that over the years have been the subject of homeowner complaints.   


Plans are being developed to build cedar faced sheds and parking spaces that are fronted with cedar fences, both with appropriate landscaping.  We hope to have our leases with the contractors signed by Thanksgiving and to begin construction shortly thereafter. Our goal is to satisfy the needs for many of our contractors to operate their business, while at the same time preserving and enhancing the appearance of the green space along the Boulevard. This has been a long term concern of residents and it is an important step forward for the Pines.  Particular thanks to board members Tad Paul and Chris Lovito for shepherding this through the Town.   


An important milestone was reached in our Fire Island beach replenishment project, FIMI.  The Suffolk County Legislature approved two resolutions authorizing the County role as local sponsor on the project and creating a financing mechanism to pay for obtaining the necessary easements and land acquisitions.    


Easements will be required from all ocean front homeowners and work on obtaining the easements will begin shortly. Two sets of easements will be required, the first to do the necessary survey work and the second for sand placement and construction of the project.  Work will begin in the wilderness areas this fall.  Real estate easements and land acquisitions are estimated to take a year through September 2015.  Construction in the communities will begin in late fall 2015.  The earliest the Pines can expect sand to be placed on the beach is spring 2016.  One important piece of information that I picked up at a recent meeting with the County is that several mechanisms exist to ensure maintenance of the project.   


I attend many meetings connected to this project.  The superintendent of the National Seashore, Chris Soller, a long time Pines resident, is often present.  Chris has taken on a lead role on moving this project along to protect Fire Island and the communities.  As a long time resident and FIPPOA director, I have witnessed decades where the Fire Island communities were not treated as partners by the National Seashore.  It is refreshing to have a Seashore Superintendent who sees partnering with the communities as an important part of his job.  


Our passenger ferry dock and adjacent south side of the harbor need repair and rebuilding after many years of service.  Nelson and Pope, the engineering firm that we use, has advised that they are reaching the end of their useful lives.  They have estimated that the necessary work will cost $2.25 million.  FIPPOA has explored a number of alternatives to raise the money including Federal and State grants without success.  The only mechanism to finance the project is through our Dock Improvement Tax District.  Homeowners will shortly receive a petition to authorize the project and the expenditure of $2.75 million. The additional $500,000 may not be needed but we have to allow for contingencies in a project of this size.  The project will be financed through the issuance of 20 year bonds.  We are fortunate that we will be bonding in a time of low interest rates.  Currently, the Dock District also pays for certain operating expenses like dredging.  This petition will broaden the types of expenses, including lighting and landscaping, that can be channeled through the District.   


We are also fortunate that, simultaneously, we will have paid off our Erosion Control bonds which will result in a substantial saving for each property owner.   


This project is vital to the Pines.  Please do not delay in returning the signed and notarized petition.   




The Pines Party committee brought to our beach on the last Saturday in July a fabulous night from "South Pacific".  Perfect weather and improved production qualities made for a memorable night.  The party included a performance by a broadway star of the famed song "Bali Hai" from the musical.  Hats off to Ed Schulhafer and the committee for giving us this magical night.  We do not have final numbers yet but can report a 25% increase in ticket sales.    




Our Fire Chief Bo Fridsberg has requested that house numbers be clearly visible from the walk.   He reports that in some homes the numbers are lacking and that at others the numbers are in bad shape or obscured by vegetation. 


This Saturday August 9th, FIPPOA will co-sponsor a lunch for Senator Gillibrand at the home of Robbie Regina and Gene Kagan, 244 Bay Walk from noon to 1:30.  You can buy tickets here.  Senator Gillibrand is an important advocate for Fire Island Pines and for the larger gay community.  We need to show our support.  Please attend. 


Last Saturday, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force hosted a kick off for their Miami Recognition Dinner to be held in October.   Jim Pepper will be receiving a Community Service Award at this event for his service to the gay community.  Jim is a longtime supporter of community events, including hosting the After Party following the Pines Party.  Hats off to Jim for this distinguished award. 

At its July meeting the FIPPOA Board discussed the problem posed by flyers that are tacked to gates and gate houses that then morf in to litter once the weekend is over.  The Board reviewed alternatives and has decided to encourage the use of mail boxes at each home.  We will also reuqest those doing the postings to use the boxes instead.  Mail boxes are available at Brinkman's Hardware in Sayville or at Home Depot for under $50.  FIPPOA has purchased 50 wood boxes (pictured at left) that are $50 each and can be purchased here.

It is August and as the summer of 2014 draws to a close I wish you all a wonderful month at the beach! 




 Jay Pagano  



Thanks to the over 50 local businesses who supported Pines Party 2014 through the purchase of advertising space in the reintroduced Pines Party Online Community Journal and a special thanks to Joey Mendoza for volunteering to assist  in the design and layout of the journal.  We hope to get 100% support from the local business community next year! 

Click cover to view the journal.

Help put Pines Party 2014 over the top and help the FIPPOA Charitable Foundation and the Stonewall Community Foundation by bidding on the great gifts in our silent auction. Visit The auction runs through Saturday, August 9th @11:00pm. 
Fire Island Pines Arts Project presents "Into The Woods!" on  Friday, August 29th, Saturday, August 30th and Sunday, 31st at 8PM.  With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and a book by James Lapine, the musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales (Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Cinderella - among others).  It explains the consequences of their characters' wishes and quests, tied together with an original story of a childless baker and his wife - and their quest to begin a family. What fun!  And once again, a great opportunity to see your talented fellow Pines' neighbors and friends on stage!!  Tickets are $70 and go on sale in the Harbor on Saturday, August 16th.  You can also purchase tickets online at beginning on Monday, August 18th.


August is the busiest month in the Pines and also for the two FIPPOA Mobility Access Carts.  You know we are busy when we are always on the boardwalks and in your way!  Because the carts are so low and heavy, we must drive on the boardwalks or we would get stuck in the sandy roadway.   Since we must all share the boardwalks, the MAC Cart Drivers will always try to be polite and considerate of pedestrian foot traffic and we will move out of your way when we can.  

The MAC service is available every day from 7am to 6pm for anyone, of any age, who is unable to walk.  If you need us, please call 24 hours prior to your requested pickup time.  Our team of six volunteer drivers coordinate schedules so that we may reliably transport you. If you have a minor medical emergency and need a ride to the Pines Care Center, we will transport you on short notice, when a driver is available.  Call our 24 hour reservation line anytime: 631-597-3797. If you have a major medical emergency, call 911.


But, it's not too late to make your donation to the 2014 Damminix Fund.  As you know, your generous contributions make it possible for us to continue this important program.  The second application of Damminix has been applied, but we need your help!  Won't you please take a moment and make your donation now.  If you have already donated this year, please accept our sincere thanks.  If you have not, now would be a perfect time to join the list of your friends and neighbors who have.



BOFFO will host a three hour block party from 5-­8pm in the architecturally historic homes along the bay side of Sail Walk. The evening will feature immersive artist experiences, performances, art sales, and highlights from the work produced by the 2014 artists in residency. Each home along Sail Walk will highlight a unique dynamic installation with music by Frankie Sharp and cocktails provided by James Beard Award Winning mixologist Leo Robitschek. Hosts and premium ticket buyers will then be treated to a sunset lobster bake on the private beach behind the BOFFO Artist House beginning at 8pm with BOFFO Board Members, resident artists, taste makers, and community leaders present.  All proceeds will go towards supporting BOFFO's FIre Island Art Camp next summer.



In Memoriam

Howard Bedor

Howard Bedor passed away on July 6th.   He and his wife, Karen Yellin have been residents of the Pines for the past decade.  Howard was a gourmet cat groomer in New York City .  Both Karen and Howard have been very loyal supporters of almost every Fire Island Pines benefit and function.   Their love of the Pines brought them back year after year.  They were members of Congregation B'Nai Olam in the Pines, and they followed many of our Pines residents to Puerto Rico every Winter. 


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Howard Bedor
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