Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 8 Number 7     
   November 2014


The petition to obtain the necessary community votes to proceed with the project to reconstruct the passenger ferry and related work in the harbor was successful.   We're preparing paperwork now for the Town, targeting a public hearing in January.

Recent developments with the beach project FIMI are all good.  The court denied the request of the Audubon Society to stop Phases I and II of the project.  The court ruled that the Audubon Society had not demonstrated irreparable harm to the piping plover.  It noted that the Army Corps Environmental Assessment for the Project contained mitigation measures and a monitoring program to protect the plover.  

The contract in the amount of approximately $57 million has been let for construction of Phase I at Smith Point County Park.  Construction should start shortly in that area of Fire Island.  The Pre-announcement for the contracts for Phase II has been issued.  Phase II covers the part of the island from Robert Moses to the lighthouse.  The contract for Phase III covering Davis Park west to Atlantique awaits the completion of the real estate work.  In this regard, the surveyors are at work all along Fire Island.  They have been in the Pines for the last three weeks and expect to wrap up at the end of this week.  The surveys will establish the final dune line.  We have not been told when to expect that determination.  The County staff administering the real estate work will meet with representatives of the communities on November 12th.  After that, we expect to have more information on the dune line and the subsequent steps in the real estate phase, which we will share with you.  

In the meanwhile, FIPPOA recently laid down an additional row of sand fence along the length of the Pines to help grow the existing dune.  Our goal is to do everything to protect the community until FIMI goes in.  

On another note, we are informed that FINS has changed their policy and will begin enforcing the New York State law prohibiting nudity on the beach.    FINS has explained that there has been a problem generated by Social Media of large numbers of people congregating in the area between the Pines and Cherry Grove and engaging in a variety of illegal activity.  I have met with Diane Romano, President of the Cherry Grove Community Association and we sent a joint letter requesting that this change in policy be reconsidered.

A special thank you to PJ McAteer, dressed as Sarah Jeffrey the Pizza Lady, Sara Jeffrey, dressed as PJ McAteer, and the staff at the Sip n' Twirl for a bang up Halloween party on the last weekend of the season.  The decorations were over the top.


Jay Pagano



In Memoriam
Michael Young

Michael A. Young passed away on October 15 in New York City following injuries sustained in a fall at his house in the Pines the previous weekend.  He was 68 years of age.

Michael was a graduate of Cornell University and Columbia University Law and was a practicing criminal defense and appellate attorney.  He was Co-Founder of the International Aphasia Movement.

Michael is survived by Harvey Alter, his partner of 40 years, and a sister, Alison Bauer.  Michael and Harvey were homeowners on Tuna Walk and members of FIPPOA for 40 years.


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Michael Young
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