Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
Volume 8 Number 8     
   December 2014


We continue to move along with the beach replenishment project.  Phase I of FIMI at Smith County Park is under construction.  We are told that the contracts for Phase II near the Fire Island light house will be opened next week.  The Army Corps is considering enlarging this phase to include the western communities of Saltaire and Kismet.  

The surveys of the ocean front homes along all of Fire Island are now complete.  They are going through a multi stage review process at this time.  The surveys and accompanying documents have been given to the homeowners in Saltaire and Kismet.  The survey work in these communities is much simpler as there are no real estate acquisition issues.   We are told that the surveys and accompanying documents will be provided to the homeowners in the Pines by late January.  

The Army Corps hopes to have all real estate work by August 15th and to begin construction of Phase III in front of the communities at the beginning of October 2015. Work before October 1st is not permitted due to the Piping Plover nesting season.  The construction season would then run through April and might include April if no Piping Plover nests are found in the work areas.  Exactly where the Army Corps starts and stops for each of Phase III has not yet been determined. You have no doubt heard that the County has scheduled a December 30th hearing concerning the use of eminent domain authority in connection with the project.  The format of the hearing is for comments only, we do not expect any new information to be given out.  The hearing is a procedural prerequisite to the use of the eminent domain authority, IF that is ever required.  The County hopes to be able to complete the project through negotiations with the homeowners and not have to resort to the eminent domain authority.

On other matters:
  • We have done further analysis of the fall FIPPOA election and we are pleased to announce that over two thirds of the voters voted.  I believe this reflects a very keen interest on the part of our residents in our Association.
  • With regard to the Dock District, work is continuing on the bonding necessary for the rebuilding of the passenger ferry dock and harbor plaza area.  We anticipate a hearing on this matter in January and will advise you of the date.
  • FIPPOA is experiencing difficulty with lighting in the community.  We have had a number of incidents of lighting being ripped out at the Walk Sign posts along Fire Island Boulevard.  This is most unfortunate as the lights are very important to the community both in season and out of season.  We will do our best to keep up with repairs.
  • The FIPPOA Charitable Foundation has made a grant of $30,000 from the 2014 Pines Party to the Stonewall Community Foundation.  Stonewall will make grants from these funds to LGBT organizations in the greater New York Area.  The grants will be announced in the spring.  We note with pleasure that our longtime resident, Andy Tobias, was recognized at the Stonewall Revel Benefit in October.  Congratulations to Andy!
Finally, I want to alert you that our long time President Alan Brockman is seriously ill at Bellevue hospital and he knows he is in our thoughts.

Happy Holidays!















In Memoriam

Jo Bressler 

Josephine Bressler passed away on November 4, 2014. She was 90 years old and had lived and loved the Pines for nearly 50 years. Jo served as a Director on the FIPPOA Board in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Originally from Nebraska, she came to New York to work in the fashion industry. As Fashion Editor for Sports Illustrated, she was responsible for beginning the Swim Suit Issue, an iconic symbol of that publication. As Fashion Editor for Look Magazine she traveled the world compiling stunning photo journals from some of the most extraordinary places in the world: Afghanistan, India, and Tibet to name but a few.


In New York, her love for the city and its preservation let her to become a founding member of Civitas, where she served as a Board member and Secretary. She fought equally hard to preserve the serenity and beauty of the Pines.


Jo would often tell tales of the early days in our community and share stories of her extraordinary friends from the Pines. She proudly lived in a Horace Gifford house on Tuna walk which she shared with her husband of 28 years, John Bressler.

Bob Messner

Bob Messner passed away on December 9, 2014.  Bob was a Pines resident since the sixties, along with his longtime partner John Conboy. They lived at 15 Widgeon Walk, and also own 10 Ocean Walk.    Bob has been retired for many years now, living in the Pines six months a year, up until last year, and Palm Springs for the other six months per year.  Bob was Vice President of Corporate Communications at Manufacturers Hanover.    


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Jo Bressler

Bob Messner
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