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July 5th, 2020 -- Dialogue on Diversity continued its 2020 series of Webinars on the usual set of characteristic economic and public policy topics, this year leavened with the preoccupation of attendees and the Dialogue leadership with the progress of the aggressive virus-borne sickness that is mowing down the best and brightest of our populace, and which fortunately seems to have spared the close associates of our Dialogue. At once the usual social policy subjects were inescapably tinted as well with the unmistakable flavor of the world championship political match, climaxing in November.
The second Webinar, held Monday, June 29, assembled the team of experts:   Ma. Cristina Caballero , the founding President of Dialogue on Diversity,  who has directed its unremitting engagement with the problems of our time, opened proceedings with words of welcome for the day’s electronic guests in the futuristic learning experience we are pioneering in the latest of the Dialogue’s innovative exploits.
Leading off the discussion, the Honorable Tony Cárdenas , California member in the House of Representatives and stalwart of its key Energy and Commerce Committee, a perennial friend and inspiration to our Dialogue, brought the opening greeting for the day’s proceedings. Rep. Cárdenas conveys the word of reasoned perseverance in troubled times, counseling a Stoic patience, American ingenuity in sketching the rudiments of a productive society to come, and the fashioning of a newly just environment as we emerge from the shadow and move on to a more hospitable and wiser republic.  Dr. Adrian Gropper , of Patient Privacy Rights, polymath, holder of the medical degree united with a passion for research and engineering, bringing rare insights on the nature and history of the wayward virus.    Debra Berlyn, Future of Privacy Forum, expert in many fields, all centered on the experiences of the consuming subjects, many of these the elderly in a variety of environments, all problematic, especially in a time of contagion, all in a world of challenge and strain in times that try their souls. Completing the panel, Nicol Turner-Lee , the perpetually lively, effervescent, and brilliant Senior Fellow at the august Brookings Institution, in Washington. Dr. Turner-Lee knows, with an encyclopaedic immersion in the facts and with the trenchant analysis of the expert, the trials and accomplishments of the brave, striving, and many-talented minority communities. And finally the redoubtable James Robb , New York City, who dexterously juggled the panelists and presided over the Q and A concluding segment.
The first of Dialogue on Diversity’s current Webinar series was presented in late April with discussion on three aspects of the COVID-19 siege, which had already largely immobiized a nervous society — first, the sudden absence of the school routine for kids, abruptly freed from the labors of the classroom, only to be plunged into a sea of boredom; next the tale of symptoms and the much feared moment to place the call for help — but when and how? And finally the story of the forced-draft undertaking — a veritable Twenty First Century Manhattan Project — of confecting the duly effective, and safe, regimen for the sickness and, most of all, the liberating invention of an effective and safe immunizing agent.
Coming: Dialogue on Diversity’’s Entrepreneurship Program and Thirtieth Anniversary Observance September 29 th . And The Holiday Fair on December 12 th . In the meantime watch schedule for Summer Webinars on Current themes. 
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