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The Email Specialist of Atlanta, GA Partners with Constant Contact and MaxGroup Business Solutions to Form One of the Largest Digital Branding & Marketing Companies in the Southeast U.S.
Specialist Founders John C. and LaTrenka R. Riley have successfully dominated branding and specialty tools for small to large businesses for over ten years in the Atlanta metro. They will provide more solutions to their clients than ever before with their new partnership with MaxGroup Business Solutions. MaxGroup is the country's dominant provider of branding, marketing, text-marketing, website and mobile design, SEO and press release services headquartered in Surprise, AZ.
ATLANTA GA, August 2017 - Once a Winner - Always a Winner

The Email Specialist owners John C. and LaTrenka R. Riley are very well-known in the Atlanta metro for providing email marketing services, training, logo and website design, social media management and business management consulting for over ten years.

John and LaTrenka Riley are nationally Certified Local Experts in Email Marketing and were the first nationally Master Certified Local Experts in Georgia and piloted several new national programs for Constant Contact, an email marketing service provider.  In fact, The Email Specialist has received the Constant Contact All Star Award for more than 6 years (2010 through 2017).

John Riley is a dynamic speaker and business leader with more than 20 years of experience in non-profit leadership, volunteer and corporate management. He has been active in serving on various Boards of Directors, as well as, directing a number of regional and national community outreach programs.

LaTrenka R Riley-APBN Co-Founder
LaTrenka Riley is a Georgia native that has been in business since she was 12 years old. Her first business was handcrafted women's accessories. She turned a joy of crocheting into an entrepreneurial opportunity. As a talented seamstress, LaTrenka contracted with women's groups to construct seasonal attire. These successes led to pursuing and obtaining a degree in Fashion Merchandising and later starting The Gift Answer which offers women handbags and accessories. A short list of her accomplishments includes clothing stylist, gift basket production and sales, healthy cooking consultant and avid community organizer.

MaxGroup Business Solutions Co-Founder and CEO Mark Skovron, Ph.D. reflects, "Great people aren't taught, they are found, drawn to you and your business because of who you are and how you operate.  We don't teach our teammates and affiliated agencies to do what's right or to treat people with respect or operate with integrity.   We just associate with the people who are already great - what a shortcut!  John and LaTrenka are exactly that. These two and what they've built previous to their association with us is awesome.  I'm planning on being their biggest cheerleader!"

Leading Others to Greatness

Real leaders are leaders first at home, then in their extended families, also reaching out into their communities and worship centers, and always stretching to see how many people they can impact in a positive way.

When asked about their tremendous business success, John says, "Our mission is to empower small businesses, associations and non-profits to grow customer relationships using email marketing software for a more effective interaction process.   We want to be remembered as the agency that helps small businesses and non-profits connect with their clients while building their businesses as well as optimizing time and budget."

"We are driven every day to assist small business owners in understanding technology to enhance their email marketing, event marketing, branding and social media engagement," adds LaTrenka, "We celebrate that we have made a difference for countless business owners to increase their visibility, brand, revenue and ultimately their lifestyles."
To Get Greatness - You've Got to Pay the Price

John C. Riley is a Georgia Southern University College of Business Administration graduate with a BBA in Business (Finance, Accounting and Management). He conducts countless Business Development and Email Marketing workshops at local venues across the State of Georgia.

LaTrenka R. Riley is a Georgia Southern University graduate with a BS in Fashion Merchandising. She conducts email marketing workshops in the metro Atlanta area.

John and LaTrenka Riley are members of the Georgia Southern University First 500. The Georgia Southern University (GSU) First 500 is an association of African American alumni who attended the University during the years of 1965 to 1985. The GSU First 500 alumni are the first African Americans to integrate the University.

The Riley's are both avid speakers and conduct hundreds of business development and email marketing workshops with S.C.O.R.E. Chapters, Chambers of Commerce, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), Business Associations, Non-Profit Organizations and local Libraries in metropolitan Atlanta and across the state of Georgia.

They are founders of Atlanta Professional Business Network which is a training and networking group focusing on the growth of small businesses and authors.

John Riley received special recognition from President Jimmy and Mrs. Carter for his work with The Atlanta Project, a community revitalization initiative of The Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a compassionate volunteer for community involvement, John serves as Executive Director for the Georgia Diabetes Coalition (GDC). Prior to his appointment as Executive Director, he briefly served as Chairman of the Board for the GDC, where he advocated for increased diabetes education at the grass roots level. LaTrenka supports him in this outreach endeavor.
John and LaTrenka Riley Are Shaking Things Up in Atlanta

Warren Lankford of Lankford Music
"Expanding the reach of my company Lankford Music required having a professional presence online and effective e-mail communication.  I'm very appreciative of how much my company has benefited from the excellent services of John C. and LaTrenka R. Riley.  Lankford Music is in a great place with the help of their services and I see things only going higher."

A'Keti Communications
"I use the Email Specialist to complete my monthly newsletter.  This has made my job so much easier because I know I will have a professional newsletter with excellent content sent to my customers in a timely manner.  Thank you Email Specialist for taking this burden off my shoulders."

Catherine Carrigan
"I've been publishing a monthly newsletter for about 20 years and using Constant Contact for about four years. I learned more from John C. Riley about email marketing in an hour and a half than I gleaned from any other trainer. A true professional, Mr. Riley is friendly, down-to-earth, practical and sure to get results. I'm so glad I drove through rush-hour Atlanta traffic to make it to one of his life-changing workshops."

Dr. Lisa M Smith
"I participated in a class with John Riley last quarter. It gave me a deeper insight into not only how valuable email marketing is, but how necessary it is for communicating with your clients. I have a gift basket business and we are in pre-launch, so since using email marketing, this tool has helped us raise brand awareness and keep our customers up to date on our business. I am not an expert however, I have a much better understanding of various functions of email marketing, and continue to learn more. I highly recommend a session with John Riley, who is amazing at explaining, teaching, and mentoring!"
  Thank God! They Moved My Cheese is a new best seller!

Thank God They Moved My Cheese
John C. Riley is author of 'Thank God! They Moved My Cheese', his newly released book in which he shares his personal testimony of how he transitioned from an employee to an entrepreneur.

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Regina Irvin - CEO & Owner, Irvin Trucking LLC

"I found this book to be just what I needed to hear. It was so informative and helpful to me. No matter what age we maybe if we still have breath in our bodies, we can make a change in our lives for the betterment of ourselves. We must realize that sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, when we allow fear and doubt to stop us from achieving our goals in life. Thanks for the Push, John!"

About The Email Specialist
The Email Specialist is now a full-service digital branding and marketing all-in-one solutions company for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations.  With a focus on business and organizational growth they hold seminars and consult privately.  They are providers of the most updated and relevant technologies and are able to use the same and sometimes even better systems than even Fortune 500 companies.  Through their association with MaxGroup Business Solutions they are empowered to offer all of their services to county, state and federal government agencies since MaxGroup is a vetted CAGE-CODE sole source vendor for the federal government.

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