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The South Bend Awesome Fund Nominated the 
Women Entrepreneur Summit Idea 
South Bend, IN (May 31, 2018) South Bend's newly formed C2 Your Health Women's Initiative a non-profit corporation (charity) was nominated as one of the eleven finalists to be considered for The Awesome Foundation $1,000 grant at the Best. AwesomeFundMeeting Ever Spring Quarterly meeting held on May 30th.
C2 Your Health Womens Initiative big idea is a Women Entrepreneur
Summit bringing the Expo for Women vendors together to discuss what worked be st during 2018 Expo for Women such as areas for improvement, successes and challenges, best practices and strategies to maximize their experience during future business Expo events. They will also learn from their peers, network, explore opportunities for mentorship and access to business support resources in the community by listening to inspirational stories from successful business women.
"I was surprised to learn according to the 2012 census 39% in the U.S., 35.5% in Indiana are Women Owned Businesses and in Saint Joseph County only .02%. To me that indicates women in Saint Joseph County need more support and resources to more their businesses be successful given the vital importance of women micro-entrepreneurs for wealth creation, innovation and economic advancement in Indiana." says Cindy Cohen, Founder of C2 Your Health Women's Initiative and owner of C2 Your Health LLC .
The Awesome Foundation - South Bend Awesome Fund chapter is part of an international network of people who find and reward Awesome in the world.  The chapter is dedicated to supporting people, ideas, business and causes that will make South Bend area even more awesome! The chapter meets on a quarterly basis and awards $1,000 grants to a project that impacts the South Bend community.

About the Awesome Foundation
Cindy goes on to say "It's an honor to be in the presence of our community innovators at last night's meeting. We are honored to be selected as one of South Bend community's innovators."
About C2YH and C2YHWI:

Since 2008 C2YH (C2 Your Health LLC) continues to organize the Expo for Women events that help women micro-entrepreneurs in St Joseph and neighboring counties to become visible, reach a broader sales market for their products and services so they are viable, sustainable, increase their households' incomes, create more jobs and generate revenue for their communities. To learn about the Expo for Women go to To learn about C2 Your Health LLC go to  
New startup C2YHWI (C2 Your Health Women's Initiative) is committed to foster a culture of health, wellness and economic success through mentoring and community collaboration that supports high school girls, college and women who live in at risk neighborhoods. To join their mission go to
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