JULY 19, 2018
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2019 FAR/AIM Series!
Newcastle, WA-- ASA's 2019 FAR AIM Series has begun shipping! The FAR/AIM books and bundles are shipping now. The FAR/FC and FAR/AMT books will begin shipping in early August.

The 2019 FAR/AIM Series delivers the accurate, reliable, and trusted content aviators and mechanics have come to expect from the leaders in aviation training. Printed on premium paper and known for their time-tested and preferred format and layout, the ASA FAR/AIM Series books are indexed and show clearly-marked changes since the last release for quick reference. The FAR/FC and FAR/AMT books contain black and white tables and graphics, while the FAR/AIM includes a suggested study list of regulations and aeronautical information as well as full-color graphics.

Available since 1945, the ASA FAR/AIM Series is the most recognized and authentic collection of books, ebooks, and apps containing Federal Aviation Regulations for pilots and aviation maintenance technicians. Instant access to regulation and procedural changes can be found at . These updates are provided at no additional cost, and readers can sign up for ASA's email update service to receive notification when a rule has changed. This FREE subscription service keeps readers aware of all FAA changes throughout the year and is the most comprehensive of its kind.

Look for the 2019 FAR/AIM Series at your local pilot shop, your favorite online dealer, or at . Available soon on iBooks and for Kindle.
Product Information
Suggested List Price
ISBN  978-1-61954-668-4
ISBN  978-1-61954-689-9
ISBN  978-1-61954-669-1
ISBN  978-1-61954-674-5
ISBN  978-1-61954-670-7
ISBN  978-1-61954-690-5
ISBN  978-1-61954-671-4
ISBN  978-1-61954-676-9
ISBN  978-1-61954-672-1
ISBN  978-1-61954-691-2
ISBN  978-1-61954-673-8
ISBN  978-1-61954-678-3
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