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Washington, D.C. — September 21, 2020. This week marks the beginning of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, running from 9/15 to 10/15. It is also the first of the Fall Series of Webinars to be presented by Dialogue on Diversity, set for September 25th , for its audience of eager hearers/viewers of the scheduled proceedings. The day’s action features as its keynote Dialogue on Diversity’s completion of the thirtieth year of its work in the Capital city and nationwide.
2020 Entrepreneurship / IT Conference
& 30th Anniversary
Marking Hispanic Heritage Month

Friday, September 25th, 2020
1:00pm - 3:00pm

(A Zoom Webinar hosted by Dialogue on Diversity)
The September 25th festivities are to be highlighted by the presentation of awards to three luminaries exemplifying the country’s highest values, enriching the vital and humane society we strive for. Rep. Lucille Roybal Allard is honored with the Tribune of the Good Society Award, recalling the ancient Roman officials assigned to elevate the cause of the poor against oppressive forces of great wealth. Nelson Díaz, former Judge on the Court of Common Pleas at Philadelphia and powerful mover in the city’s judicial, civic, and economic life is honored with the Law and Justice Award.  Jules Polonetsky, governing figure and architect of the Future of Privacy Forum, receives the Civic Privacy Award.
Among contributing speakers invited for the discussion are Sra. Sylvia Saborío-Alvarado, law professor in the University of Costa Rica, Sen. Mark Warner, Virginia [message], Shayne Swift of the Girls’ Global Academy, Luís Borunda, Dep. Secretary of State, Maryland, and a veteran entrepreneur; Jeanette Hernandez Prenger, creator and owner of ECCO Select, Kansas City, Missouri, an Internet Tech firm; and Jules Polonetsky, head of Future of Privacy Forum, élite Washington think tank on privacy issues.
The Dialogue’s opener in the fall Webinar Series co-sponsored with the International Trade Center, observes the traditional Entrepreneurship / IT program, this year’s business lore overlain with admonitions on the scarcely lessened COVID-19 epidemic — our society’s affliction that may dismay spirits, or happily drive us to a renewed quest for pathways out of the present perilous season. Our reflections prompt a society to move forward in the building of a complex social and economic order on a new, more humane and much smarter foundation.
The fall Webinar series makes its début: The New Model for the New Decade. with four large topics: First is The Entrepreneurial Economy, with the telling subtitle: The House that Migrants Built. An exhortation to adopt something of the drive and the powerful devotion to meticulous detail that mark the successful entrepreneur‘s special artistry, and the recognition that the flowering of small enterprises is in no small measure the work of the Migrant flows of the last hundred years, and continuing, from all corners of the globe. The agenda moves to The International Dimensions with the story of visionaries’ writing in the late 20th century of the trail of prosperity “from Anchorage to Patagonia”, the ideal of free hemispheric commerce.
The spotlight then shifts its focus to The Prime Tasks of Governments, the crucial questions of Governmental Duties and Actions, those of the exciting era of recent years now climaxing with a dispiriting crash. With potent resources, those in large measure lying temporarily idled but backed by the liquidity source of powerful central banks, government initiatives are seen now as the rescuers, standing ready to accelerate building and motion in times, like our own, of re-/depression, and sustain the numerous crowd deprived of income and education and family life in a disaster social in scope and not a matter of will, let alone fault, of individuals.
The final section, New Models: Will We Ever be the Same? Queries the new era, those that often arise when old habits and taboos are razed by disruptions. The key features in a new landscape: a fresh and stylish infrastructure, a state-of-the-art continental power grid, massive education resources for new, sharp-edged learning through Pre-K-16, forging and employing a supple and smart workforce.
Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration
3:00 - 4:10pm
Greetings, Awards and Honorees
Music, Tango in time of Covid
Recognition of Corporate Supporters & Friends

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