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2021 Healthcare Symposium
Wellness, Science, and the New Insurance
During COVID-19
May 1st 2021 — Washington, D.C.  Dialogue on Diversity presents its second Webinar of the 2021 series on Thursday, May 27th, in a set of three panel from 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. Knowledgeable panelists will review the state of the health care statutes and regulation, magnified by the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic,  the experiences of the Latino and other ethnic minorities in the siege of the contagion. “Attention centers on discussion of the changing features of U.S. and world societies,” noted Dialogue President Ma. Cristina Caballero. “Battered as they have been, companies and individuals, by the hardships, economic pressures, and domestic strains, the reconstruction and recovery of an economic system will be ready to go, and on a new model.” Some of the invited expert panelists are noted here.
Thursday, May 27th, 2021
1:00 - 3:30pm
A Zoom Webinar hosted by Dialogue on Diversity
Dr. Lois Lee, founder and head of Children of the Night, an anti-trafficking force, centered in south California but represented throughout the globe. Her teams are out in the night streets trying to intercept teen-age (13-years old girls on up) forced into the sex trade. Then as live-in students to be educated under the supervision of the organization. Dr. Lee (who also holds the JD degree) is the agency in the field to combat poverty and social disruption in the face of coerced teens, flourishing in the turbulent conditions of the cities. 
Karen Davenport, a Vice President in the Lewin Group, an elite business consulting firm Falls Church,. VA, reviews the recent history of health care, the workings of the public-private hybrid system, and the federal attempts, by the ACA and otherwise, to get these services affordably to large bodies of citizens, and the boons and troubles of the health-care statutes, and the struggles to tweak the statutes, a main part of the safety net, to mesh with the range of present medical expense resources. Ms. Davenport is a professional researcher on health care systems , especially of the government influence or even displacement. Mara Yoedelman, for 20 years chief of the legal staff at the National Health Law Program, brings a perspective of her own to the workings and repairs of the U.S. health care scheme, a trenchant critic of perverse incentives and distortions of purpose for partisan ends. 
Hon. Xavier Becerra, longtime Dialogue speaker, now HHS Secretary, is asked to review the administrative tangles that must be rationalized to make the present or newly amended statutes efficient and fast in attacking major (often unheralded) health threats.  Jackie Reyes-Yanes, Director of the D.C. Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs, holds forth on the essential work of her department in easing the way of the large Latino population of Washington in coping with the cultural and civic quandaries they confront.  
Dr. Henry Pacheco,  the dynamo working for public health consciousness in the Latino communities, lays much of the troubles of these and other ethnic minorities, on aversion for the vaccination precaution now freely available. The culprits are seen as the politicization of the inoculation procedure, compounding the cultural position and of fatigue of women, overlain by sometimes covert but real discrimination. 
 A third portion of the Webinar turns to the future, which is imagined as a utopia, a dystopia, or something more interesting between these poles. Two commentators offer analyses. The honorable Paula J. Dobryansky, for long under Secretary of State for Global Affairs and Democracy, hurrying over the globe to inform, encourage, and calm, the twin tasks of educating and defusing, are the never dormant tasks she faced for her years in the post. She now is head of several foreign relations associations and think tanks.
The Webinar moderator: Olivia Carvajal, J.D., a lawyer practicing in D.C. Ms. Carvajal is active as well for the Women’s Congressional Policy Institute in Washington.
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