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2022 Entrepreneurship / IT Conference
The New Entrepreneurial Powerhouse
In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month
Washington, D.C., September 22nd, 2022. -- The concluding event of Dialogue on Diversity’s 2022 programming was its regular Entrepreneurship / IT Conference, "The New Entrepreneurial PowerHouse”, this year held September 16th at the Ven on Embassy Row.  "We are particularly proud during Hispanic Heritage Month to foster today's dialogue and bring together entrepreneurs, technologists, business owners, and policy-makers at this year's conference." notes Ma. Cristina Caballero, President/CEO, Dialogue on Diversity.  The Ven’s Gallery room, was the conference site. The Gallery space, in addition, was host to a collection of the art of Hector J. Torres, known for his skill in both colors and geometry.    
Not only small business professionals but also guests from Washington’s Latino arts community filled the compact Gallery room. The reception crowning the day’s festivities, held in the large event area in the main floor Salon, featured the notes of the Blanca Mariachi Imperio mariachi ensemble, a rare exponent of the mariachi art featuring women players.
The day’s moderator, Ricardo Villalba, of Washington Media, opened conference proceedings with the introduction of the well-known Latino activist and business owner Raul “Danny” Vargas, who summarized the place of the Latino business community in the U.S Economy. A new face, that of Tatiana Rice, a high achieving young lawyer now associated with the élite Future of Privacy Forum, reviewed new perils to privacy in contemporary commerce. Continuing the privacy theme Larry Burbano, chief at the GRS Technology Solutions in Fairfax County, Virginia listed the do’s and don’ts his firm, a high tech installation specialist, enforces on its own clients.
The spotlight turned next to the genial small business counselor David Hincapie, Economic Development Specialist for the Small Business Administration, with a rapid-fire account of the mix of encouragement and caution he dispenses to entrepreneurs and novice business venturers.
A midday session brought on Nathaly Arriola, Assistant to the President, Director of Partnerships at the White House, who brought greetings from President Biden. Her appearance was followed by a televised message from Jeanette Prenger, long time successful owner of the ECCO Select IT firm, and a venerable Dialogue on Diversity fan, stressed need for inter-firm communication among entrepreneurs.
A following roundtable session brought together four women, each equally successful but in the most diverse lines of endeavor. Syndia Nazario-Cardona, a leading executive in the Ana G. Méndez University group,  Nicole Quiroga, the newly arriving President of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:  Maria Patricia Coralles, heading the Capital Construction Group and the Fiesta DC celebration, and Celeste Carrasco of AT&T.
Ingrid Sturgis a professor at Washington’s Howard University, chair of the Department of Media, Journalism, and Film, discussed modern forms of communication dominating popular consciousness in this era and their much debated effects.
The core points of business management came to the fore with Silvana Quiroz, as she detailed the content of her system of counseling. The focus shifted again to business education with the discussion of Aracelly Watts, Vice Principal and Technology Academy Director at Washington’s famed Carlos Rosario Charter School for adult students making entry into the U.S. economy. Closing the Conference, Johanna Quintero summed up the day in her review of the key points in modern business savvy.
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