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A Fresh Take on COVID-19
Washington, D.C., April 25, 2020 -- Dialogue on Diversity presented its first Webinar program, The March of Women’s Lives : COVID-19 Tech Connect on April 22, 2020 zeroing in on the present hectic season of contagion, with its hovering sense of menace, all that has the U.S and other countries in its hold. Participants appeared from their home offices in the Washington metro area, and from Austin, Texas, Boston, and New York. Reviews quickly appearing on the internet were, as one might have said if this were simply show business, “Rave”, but this was deadly serious business. Three basic sub-topics were on the agenda for this initial review of the essential problematic posed by the worldwide epidemic of the respiratory virus, lurking behind the cryptic: COVID-19. Ma. Cristina Caballero , Dialogue President, introduced the expert panelists, summarizing the program agenda with a specific overview of the essential three topics lined up for the day’s conversation, then turning proceedings over to the day’s Moderator Roberta Rincón, Ph.D., the smart and urbane research chief for the national Society of Women Engineers (and a Dialogue on Diversity Board Member), presiding from her office at Austin, Texas.
Giselle Lundy-Ponce of the American Federation of Teachers, AFT expert on early-childhood education, reviewed in detail the regimen families must work with in the very novel tasks of home-schooling the kids they find suddenly in their hands. Keep up with studies, with tranches of entertainment between the bouts with the books, and engage every family member in the functioning of the household as an economic entity. Ms. Lundy-Ponce recommended conversations between parents and the children’s teachers, who have often gained insights into their children's capabilities and personality features. An added component to the understanding within a family, one that ought to be well nurtured.
Dr. Sergio Rimola , practicing physician in Vienna, VA, and professor at George Washington University, laid out a magisterial guide to the character of the new sickness whose full effects are day by day being discovered, detailing the preventive measures and the tell-tale symptoms to look out for. With discussion the coming régime of testing that will fine tune the budget of restrictions an affected population needs to observe. Dr. Rimola’s exposition was replete with crucial instructional content and would form the productive route to surviving if symptoms — which Dr. Rimola’s discussion identified in thorough detail — should develop.  
Dr. Adrian Gropper , technology chief with Patient Privacy Rights and head of his own élite engineering office, recounted the work now nearing completion by his team, giving operational form to the process of effecting the piece by piece return of the economy to working order, by testing (here included such newly designed expedients as self-tests with fast results) and certifying those persons testing free of the virus, and thus eligible for travel and for work in offices and factories. This joins, and conceivably may supplant, earlier speculative sketches of the job to perform, a challenging task to be attacked with top-grade engineering savvy — declaring with scientific authority whether or not a particular individual is free of infection and thus “safe” for close contact, a determination to be made by competent medical professionals with full historic medical records and contemporaneous testing data — but this new product can be rolled out with operational details at the ready, promising precision and accuracy (employing, among other sophistications, the newly emerging Block-Chain technology).
Webinar Video on Youtube, April 22nd, 2020
Dialogue on Diversity has been forced to revamp its programing mode by the restrictions on meetings and transport. The sudden explosion of COVID-19 infections has produced these changes along with thousands of other swiftly adopted substitute avenues of operations for companies and organizations of all kinds. The Dialogue is aiming to produce further programs in the Webinar format, in ninety minute presentations, on both the continuing progress of this modern-day plague that is wrenching the social and economic arrangements of an advanced society in pieces; and on the subjects of health care and entrepreneurship that are part of the regular bill of concerns championed by the Dialogue. We hope our friends and all interested policy aficionados will join with us on the way in these Interesting Times.
Thanks go to these companies and organizations for their much appreciated support in Dialogue on Diversity’s programing: Verizon , the Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs , the American Federation of Teachers , the Ana G. Méndez University , and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute .
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