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A.I. Highlights Dialogue's Winter Policy Review
Washington, DC, February 17, 2023  -- Dialogue on Diversity's current assessment of the status of privacy in an electronic age keeps pace with the ground-breaking advances in both the character and the computer power at hand in lately introduced software resources — all enabling users in print and broadcast sources to take on the challenges of contemporary mathematical puzzles and the elusive strands of current research, and swiftly getting to the core of the implicated science and strategy.
2023 Internet Data Privacy Colloquium
Privacy, Communications & The Law
Friday, February 24th, 2023
10am - 4pm
UNIDOSUS - Raul Yzaguirre Building
1126 Sixteenth St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
(reception following)
Sen. Mark Warner headlines the opening Colloquium session with a commentary on the speed and intricacy of the techniques and practice innovations confronting IT users — with such ominous novelties as the famous TIK TOK craze that roils the waters of commerce, and may even menace the security of state. 
A brilliant Dialogue on Diversity personality, the Brookings Institution’s Nicol Turner Lee, brings an update of the many insights in her long-awaited work detailing the often destructive unevenness of cutting edge technology,  over urban-rural and other cracks in an effective cultural/economic equality goal.
An engaging conversation between Pedro Biaggi, host of the influential Spanish language radio interview hour, and Eduardo Perdomo, head of the influential D.C. Office on Latino Affairs, affords an extensive interchange, exploring the many-sided roles of the Latino communities of the capital area and beyond, and shares an ongoing commentary illuminating their dual careers as heralds of a history of shared insights and experiences of Latino life in the Capital.  
A midday session highlight is a review by Franklin Urteaga, founder of a prolific assemblage of software networks, and devising such tech innovations as the remarkable real-time fact-checking system — all to counteract the ever more aggressive “Fake-News“ plague.
Brenda Leong, for long an idea source at the Future of Privacy Forum, is blazing new trails at BNH.AI, a boutique Washington law practice specialized to Artificial Intelligence — the growingly familiar A.I. banner under which much of the science’s current progress is advancing.  Stephanie Wong, a young computer whiz now brought onto the FPF staff, reviews the range of A.I. performance, with its startlingly sophisticated range of achievements, among these certain long due remedial initiatives designed to achieve a re-set in discriminatory practices in government and elsewhere.
Dr. Adrian Gropper joins the Dialogue by long-distance video from his offices at Watertown, Massachusetts.  In previous sessions Dr. Gropper has shared with the Dialogue’s audiences his cogent, constantly evolving schema of medical data confidentiality.
Scientific methodologies and the perils of losing, typically through both inside and outside malfeasance, the product of years of research lie at the core of the scientific and academic perils spelled out by Silvia Martínez. recently retired linguistics professor at Howard University.  Her colleague Prof. Ingrid Sturgis, heading the recently launched department of Media, Journalism, and Film, reviews the role of these channels of learning and information, which are being freshly analyzed and their potential explored by the new academic body. 
Patricia Corrales, planning genius and organizational powerhouse ramrodding the work of her construction firm in the highly competitive tasks of building Washington, is at once the dynamo planning and putting into motion the world-class , endlessly colorful Washington Fiesta each autumn.
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