Breaking News / Press Release
A bill to protect health freedom has been introduced in Vermont!

18 Feb 2021 - MONTPELIER, VT --- A bill to protect health and medical freedom was introduced today in the Vermont House of Representatives. It is aimed at safeguarding the right to informed consent, which includes the right to refuse. The bill would protect vulnerable individuals who might otherwise be pressured or coerced to take an unwanted test, vaccine, or treatment in order to go about their daily lives.

The yearlong pandemic covid19 emergency response has left many people concerned about one-sized-fits-all medical mandates. This proposed legislation protects individual bodily autonomy and self-sovereignty, and prevents public and private entities from requiring medical treatments, interventions or vaccines in exchange for employment, travel, education, childcare, religion, benefits, insurance, or participation in sports, camps, or other recreation.

H.283 ("an act relating to health care decision making and bodily autonomy") was read for the first time shortly after 1 pm today, and assigned to the Vermont House Committee on Human Services. The bill is sponsored by: Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Albany), Rep. Lynn Batchelor (R- Derby), Rep. Mark Higley (R-Lowell), Rep. Warren Kitzmiller (D-Montpelier), Rep. Robert LaClair (R-Barre Town) and Rep. Paul Lefebvre (I-Newark).

We extend our most sincere gratitude to the sponsors of this vitally important bill. America has a long-standing tradition of health freedom and Vermont in particular must come back to tolerance when it comes to differences in opinion. There is nothing more personal than how we keep our bodies, minds and families safe and healthy. Thank you for standing on the right side of history.