ALADS Disappointed at Veto of Bill to Strengthen Supervision of Convicted Criminals
Los Angeles, October 17, 2017 - The Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) expressed deep disappointment with the governor's veto of AB 1408 , a measure authored by Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon that would assist law enforcement in the supervision of convicted criminals. The measure was approved by the legislature with unanimous bipartisan support.
Californians have seen crime rates spike in the last three years as misguided measures like Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB109 were passed. As a result, thousands of felons have been released into our communities. AB1408 provided some commonsense reforms. The measure vetoed by the governor would have provided a range of important reforms associated with managing the population of ex-offenders who are subject to post-release community supervision, and would have done so in a manner that would have enhanced public safety in our communities. Among other things, AB 1408 would have:
  • Expanded the volume and quality of data available to local law enforcement by mandating the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to provide locals with copies of an inmate's record of supervision during any period of parole.
  • Specified that during its deliberations about whether to grant an inmate parole, the state Parole Board shall consider the individual's entire criminal history, including all past convicted offenses, in making that determination. This is a critical provision in that it ends the current policy of considering only the offender's most recent commitment offense. It also follows other practices related to developing a realistic assessment of an individual's actual risk of recidivism. It would have addressed the current lack of accountability in 109 probationers  by requiring  a parolee be brought before a judge and considered for parole revocation upon the third violation of parole (instead of just flash incarcerations). 
  • Prohibited the use of intermediate sanctions such as flash incarceration for ex-offenders on post-release community supervision (PRCS) who have violated the terms of their release for a third time. This measure specifies that in the case of such repeat offenders, the supervising agency must modify or revoke PRCS.
  • Required notice to the court, sheriff, district attorney and public defender if the local probation department employs flash incarceration, and authorizes a peace officer, including a probation officer to arrest an individual on PRCS if he or she has failed to appear at a hearing on a motion to modify or revoke such supervision.
Following the murder of Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer by a felon who had over 10 probation violations, Majority Leader Calderon stood on the steps of Whittier City Hall and  announced the legislation . In an accompanying press release, Assemblymember Calderon summed it up best when he said, "AB 1408 is a necessary modification to current law as we balance the rights and rehabilitation of the formerly incarcerated population, with the need to ensure that our communities are safe from dangerous criminals."
While ALADS is extremely disappointed by the governor's veto, we remain committed to working with the legislature to ensure those who benefit from criminal justice reform remain accountable. 

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