ALADS Endorses Alex Villanueva for
Los Angeles County Sheriff
Los Angeles, August 8, 2018 – ALADS President Ron Hernandez has issued the following statement regarding the election for Los Angeles County Sheriff.
ALADS is announcing our endorsement of Alex Villanueva in the November 2018 election for Los Angeles County Sheriff. He embodies the essential characteristics and values required to lead the department: integrity, honesty, tenacity, courage, and connectivity with his fellow deputies.

This decision comes after serious deliberation amongst our Board of Directors and numerous conversations with the rank-and-file deputies we represent and serve.

It is our firm belief that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is in need of transformation, and that Villanueva is best suited to lead that change given his background, skills, and character.

Villanueva has over three decades of experience as a deputy, has served in the United States Air Force and the California Army National Guard, and earned a Doctorate in Public Administration while studying the impact of diversity on law enforcement leadership. He has been a tireless advocate for deputies, including in moments in the department’s history when it was necessary to speak truth to those in power.

Villanueva’s track record demonstrates an ability to initiate reform while staying acutely connected to the needs and experiences of deputies. His impressive primary election campaign gave further evidence of his ability to raise morale, inspire deputies, and truly represent those he wishes to serve. For all these reasons, we stand behind Villanueva in his candidacy for Los Angeles County Sheriff.
Ron Hernandez is the president of the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs ( ALADS ) the collective bargaining agent representing more than 7,900 deputy sheriffs and district attorney investigators working in Los Angeles County.
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