APRIL 2021
April 9, 2021
Contact: Samantha Anderson, Grants Manager
PHOENIX, AZ – Arizona Humanities is pleased to award $62,461.41 in Project Grants to 12 organizations.
Arizona Humanities Executive Director Brenda Thomson shared, "We are so pleased to fund exciting new projects across the Arizona. It is impressive that so many cultural organizations are reaching communities with both virtual and live programs during these challenging times. Please be sure to visit your local museums, libraries and cultural organizations in person if you can, or online to see what’s new.”

Project Grants are awarded twice yearly and organizations can apply for up to $10,000 in funding. The next Project Grants Intent to Apply deadline is May 1, 2021. For questions regarding the grants application process, contact Samantha Anderson, Grants Manager at sanderson@azhumanities.org or 602-257-0335. For more information, visit www.azhumanities.org.
Read more about each Project Grant below.
Arizona Masters of Poetry
Nuestras Voces De Esperanza - Our Voices of Hope
Amount Awarded $3,000
Arizona Masters of Poetry will produce the Nuestras Voces De Esperanza Series for Teens in collaboration with author Stella Pope Duarte, Phoenix College Department of Fine and Performing Arts, and several middle and high schools in Phoenix serving Hispanic student populations. This project includes a bilingual series of 90-minute literary and cultural workshops, led by prominent Hispanic artists and certified teachers from various genres (fiction, poetry, drama, visual art, etc.). The project culminates with a panel discussion, a student showcase, and a published e-book of the participating students’ work. The project encourages youth to think critically and express their thoughts clearly and creatively on issues close to their hearts and lives.

Project Director - Suzanne Sosnowski suzanne@arizonamastersofpoetry.org / 602-888-6810
ASU – School of International Letters and Cultures
Engaging Translation: Questions of Language and Power in Arizona and beyond
Amount Awarded $3,000
Arizona State University’s School of International Letters and Cultures, together with the participation of professional and civil society organizations from across metro Phoenix, will host an event that seeks to better understand the critical power dynamics involved in a variety of multilingual interactions and contexts in Arizona and beyond. These include everyday life situations, such as translation and interpretation in legal and medical contexts, as well as analysis of texts. The event will be held at ASU and conclude with a public-facing roundtable, bringing together Arizona policymakers, legislators, activists, and practitioners to explore strategies on how to better serve an increasingly multicultural and
multilingual society.

Project Director - Dr. Nina Berman
Nina.Berman@asu.edu / 480-965-3762
Cook Native American Ministries Foundation
Weaving Language, Spirituality and Tradition through Poetry
Amount Awarded $8,000
Weaving Language, Spirituality and Tradition through Poetry will increase the use of two dialects of the O’odham language (Akimel O’otham from the Gila River Indian Community and Tohono O’odham from the Tohono O’odham Nation) through workshops aimed at mingling traditional world views and spirituality. This program seeks to maintain O’odham language, increase access to the written form of the language and to preserve this information for O’odham community members, specifically youth. A series of workshops will be led by noted Tohono O’odham poet and linguist, Dr. Ofelia Zepeda. Under Zepeda’s instruction, participant’s will create their own “spiritual prose” to speak, write and record. A collection of their poetry will be compiled in a publication in Akimel O’otham and Tohono O’odham.

Project Director - Dina Lopez
dlopez@cooknam.org / 480-968-9354
Emerson Theater Collaborative, Inc.
The Raging Skillet: Pairing Exploration of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity with Gender Identity and Cooking
Amount Awarded $5,000
The Emerson Theater Collaborative's very popular play Raging Skillet will be performed five times with post play Q&A discussions with the audience, actors, and Chef Rossi at the Collective Sedona in May of 2021. In addition, a partial viewing of the production plus a Q&A discussion will take place at the Community Forum series at the Yavapai College OLLI in Sedona AZ. The play and subsequent discussions will guide audiences in exploring issues of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, status, class generation, religious affiliation, and other aspects of cultural difference.

Project Director - Camilla Ross
camillaross@me.com / 860-705-9711
Friends of Canoa Heritage Foundation
Growin' up Canoa
Amount Awarded $5,000
Growin’ Up Canoa is an interactive movie speaker event that engages the public in conversations with the next generation of old west cowboys, reflecting on their rural lifestyles as kids of Canoa in the 70’s and 80’s. Facilitated by their high school art teacher Nancy Williams with video production by filmmaker Daniel Buckley, this outdoor event venue will be at the crossroads of the Santa Cruz and Pima county line at the Longhorn Saloon in Amado, Arizona.

Project Director - Dawn Morley inspired@visitcanoa.com / 520-289-3940
Iron City Magazine
Iron City Magazine Issue 6
Amount Awarded $5,000
Iron City Magazine: Creative Expressions by and For the Incarcerated will be publishing its 6th issue in Fall 2021. The project explores not only the economic, political, and social conditions that cause Arizona to have the fifth highest rate of incarcerations of any state, but also helps inmates honestly reflect on how their actions hurt their victims, their families, the community, and themselves. The magazine’s masthead of volunteers—who are involved in careers ranging from academia to mental health—will select, edit, and publish submissions of art and creative writing to be featured in the print and online literary journal.

Project Director - Dr. Cornelia Wells ironcitymagazine@gmail.com / 602-717-2235
Museum of Contemporary Art
were-:Nenetech Forms
Amount Awarded $6,000
Internationally known, Los Angeles-based artists rafa esparza and Timo Fahler are collaboratively developing an exhibition project for, in, and about the Sonoran Desert borderlands. The 2021-2022 exhibition will include sculpture, sound works, photographs, and drawings. were-:Nenetech Forms, a title that includes the Nahuatl term for “twinning” and signals to Latinx history and the technological future, is a two-part exhibition with associated public programs, simultaneously occurring at MOCA and UA.

Project Director - Kate Green
kate@moca-tucson.org / 210-685-6930
Museum of Northern Arizona
Heritage Insights Series
Amount Awarded $10,000
The Museum of Northern Arizona’s Summer Heritage Insights Lecture Series celebrates the progression of life on the Colorado Plateau. From lectures on the Native American Grave Repatriation and Protection Act to conversation on Indigenous futurism, this series will feature a fusion on in-person and virtual events that tell the past present, and future human story of the Colorado Plateau region. Programming includes lectures, panel discussions, interactive cultural demonstrations, traditional music and dance performances, and question and answer sessions. Programmed throughout the summer season, May 2021 through August 2021, the series analyzes the Indigenous and non-Indigenous history and cultural intersection unique to the Colorado Plateau region. Speakers will include tribal elders, culture bearers, scientists, scholars, educators, artists, and cultural experts.

Project Director - Darvin Descheny ddescheny@musnaz.org / 928-774-5211 x267
NAU - Department of Anthropology
Public Archaeology at Apex, Arizona
Amount Awarded $4,540.41
In summer 2021, Northern Arizona University's Department of Anthropology, in collaboration with the Kaibab National Forest, will host an archaeological field school at Apex, Arizona, located 10 miles south of the Grand Canyon National Park and will use this opportunity to introduce Archaeology to the public. The grantee will construct a temporary Visitor Center, conduct site tours, provide hands-on archaeological demonstrations, and distribute promotional materials. The public component of the field school will convey the importance of archaeology to Arizona's history and provide a space for the public and students to ask questions.

Project Director - Dr. Emily Dale emily.dale@nau.edu / 928-523-1272
Old Pueblo Archaeology Center
Indigenous Interests Zoom Presentations
Amount Awarded $3,421.00
The Indigenous Interests Zoom Presentations project is a proposed series of bimonthly online Zoom Webinars in which members of Arizona Indian tribes are given the opportunity to give presentations about their people's perspectives, concerns, and interests in today's world, and how those viewpoints may or may not mesh with those of non-indigenous peoples. Speakers are likely to discuss items related to the humanities disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, art history and criticism, comparative religion, ethics, history, jurisprudence, language acquisition and retention, literature, and philosophy.

Project Director - Allen Dart
info@oldpueblo.org / 520-798-1201

Veterans Heritage Project
Since You Asked: A Veteran Oral History Program
Amount Awarded $4,500
VHP’s after-school oral history program takes place in middle schools, high schools, and college campuses and every year the work of the students and veterans are celebrated with an event. In place of the usual book reception due to COVID-19, on 4/17/21 VHP will host Honor Roll, a private drive-thru parade for veterans and students. Elements include 1) personalized signs for veteran cars, masked/distanced cheering students, book distribution, and patriotic exhibits along the parking lot route, 2) live-streaming with pre-recorded scholarships and alumni awards, and special recognition of the Arizona National Guard, 3) website event page with livestream broadcast.

Project Director - Michelle DiMuro michelle@veteransheritage.org / 602-218-4016 x 101
Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Corp.
Legacy of the Indian Wars: A New Exhibit at the Colorado River State Historic Park
Amount Awarded $5,000
Legacy of the Indian Wars is comprised of a new museum exhibit, the creation of a mini-documentary, and a public presentation. The exhibit will include four new interpretive panels that explore the story of the Quechan experience both during and after the Indian Wars and will be developed in collaboration with the Quechan Historic Preservation Officer and the Quechan Cultural Committee. The mini-documentary showcases how the Quechan tribal culture continues to flourish despite the adversity that the tribe has faced and will be shown continuously within the new exhibit. In addition to the exhibit itself, the project includes a free public presentation at the CRSHP from Humanities Scholar H. Jill McCormick, which will be followed by a question-and-answer session led by tribal elders.

Project Director - Tammy Snook tammy.snook@yumaaz.gov / 928-329-0471
Arizona Humanities | azhumanities.org | (602) 257-0335