Press Release: New Houston Laboratory
Thirty years in the Aviation Industry and still growing! Aviation Laboratories opens an additional laboratory facility!


Houston, Texas - April 22, 2014 - Aviation Laboratories (AvLab), the industry leader in aviation specific fluid analysis, is excited to announce the opening of an additional laboratory facility in Houston, Texas. Currently this new facility will specialize in fuel and hydraulic fluid testing. For nearly 30 years, Aviation Laboratories has made considerable contributions to the aviation industry, particularly in the areas of laboratory fluid analysis (oil, hydraulic fluid, and fuel) and metallurgical testing of engine wear particles. In addition to laboratory services, AvLab sells maintenance and chemical products such as aircraft oil and oil filters, aviation fuel additives, TKS fluid, wing deicers, and inspection kits.and more. And now with its new laboratory facility, in addition to its primary laboratory in Kenner, Louisiana, AvLab is positioned to further penetrate and service the market.


Since acquiring a third Joel Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) last year, AvLab's capabilities and opportunities in that area have really increased. The state of the art Joel SEM offers even more detailed analysis of metal "chips" from engine wear and the causes/effects of engine metal fatigue and component failure. 


As a result of recent growth and consistently reliable services, Turbomeca has renewed AvLab's certification in January 2014, certifying AvLab as an approved Turbomeca laboratory for SOAP (Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program) through January 2017.  AvLab is also authorized by Williams International and recognized as a quality laboratory testing service provider by many other engine and airframe manufacturers.  


AvLab is experiencing a great deal of positive growth overall, impacting all divisions of the company from its laboratory services to its maintenance and chemical product sales. And continual growth is expected with the addition of a new AvLab Family member John Stiles, AvLab's new Sales Manager. John's background includes nearly 20 years of experience in aviation oil analysis, sales, and executive management.  Additionally, The AvLab Family has welcomed newcomer Brandon Taylor as Laboratory Technician for the new Houston Laboratory and has appointed a long time team member, Scott Hitterman as Product Specialist for the company!

About Aviation Laboratories 


Aviation Laboratories (AvLab) specializes in state of the art aviation specific laboratory testing services and products. AvLab was founded in 1985 and initially specialized in the development of the Garrett S.O.A.P program. Since then, it has developed into the leading aviation related analytical testing facility in the world, providing state of the art analytical testing of engine oil, oil filter debris, metallurgical alloys, hydraulic fluid, fuel and comprehensive contamination testing.


Constantly improving, AvLab recently redesigned to offer improved functionality and ease of use to its customers. The site now offers a streamlined one stop shop for quality maintenance, chemical and laboratory testing products such as oil, oil/filter, fuel and hydraulic fluid analysis kits, aircraft oil, aviation fuel additives, wing deicers, inspection kits, filters and more.


At Aviation Laboratories, we are improving predictive analytical techniques, simplifying results interpretation, and integrating customer education into a cohesive program designed to extend aircraft maintenance, improve aircraft performance, increase operational efficiencies and exceed customer expectations.  

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