October 16, 2019

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Caravan: Cessna's Swiss Army Knife With Wings!
Now Available in eBook Formats
Known for being one of the most versatile and robust aircraft ever produced, the Cessna Caravan has become the DC-3 workhorse of our current times—as Cessna nicknames it, a "Swiss Army Knife with wings"! Now available in eBook formats, this pilot favorite does it all, on land or sea: bush flying, geophysical exploration and mapping, patrol, air ambulance, military, sightseeing, corporate, commuter airline, skydiving, cargo, missionary and humanitarian flying, and much more. The Caravan’s almost legendary reputation of safety and reliability remains a comforting constant for those who affectionately refer to the aircraft as their “flying SUV,” “Suburban with a turbine,” or “aerial truck.”
Written by experienced Caravan pilots J.D. Lewis and LeRoy Coook, each chapter contains a special topic along with the related phase of flight. Two sections of color photography are included, and multiple appendices with further information on specifications and industry contacts for Caravan owners, as well as extensive footnotes and bibliography. 
Available in eBook formats and print from ASA. Also available on iBooks. 304 pages, black and white with some color images, Appendix.
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ISBN 978-1-61954-942-5
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ISBN 978-1-56027-682-1
ISBN 978-1-61954-943-2

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