Community of Wellness Week
March 9-16, 2018
Rochester Clinic and Lotus Health Foundation are pleased to present a series of public and private events in Rochester March 9-16 as part of the second annual Community of Wellness Celebration . Among the events will be featured keynote speakers Dr. Hans Diehl , founder of the Lifestyle Medicine Institute and the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), as well as Dr. Neal Barnard , president and founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and author of the New York Times best-selling book “Power Foods for the Brain.”

Presentation topics for the Community of Wellness Celebration include: “Live a Longer and Happier Life”; “Eat More, Weigh Less!”; “Forks and Knives: Weapons of Destruction or Instruments of Hope, Health, and Healing?”; “Chronic Diseases: Limitations of and Opportunities for Modern Medicine,” plus many more.

The highlight of the week will be the Community of Wellness Gala at the Rochester Art Center on Friday, March 16 beginning at 5:30 p.m. Come learn about the profound impacts of lifestyle medicine and how it can improve health, happiness and longevity in our community. The event includes a social hour, a gourmet, four-course plant-based dinner, silent auction, and two exclusive presentations from Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Hans Diehl. Registration is required. Proceeds from the event will go to Lotus Health Foundation to promote lifestyle medicine education in the community.

Together, Lotus Health Foundation and Rochester Clinic aim to create healthy communities by teaching the basics of a healthy lifestyle as it relates to diet, activity, stress reduction, social connection and purpose. 

Rochester Clinic offers integrative care through Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Podiatric Medicine, Sports Medicine, Wound Management, Arthritis Program, and Lifestyle Medicine. 

For more information on Rochester Clinic and to see a full list of dates, times, and locations of the Community of Wellness Celebration events, visit or .

Sponsorships for the event are still being sought.


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