Press Release
April 13, 2022

Contact: Angie Thomas, J.D.
Life Sustaining Care Act Heads to House Floor After Unanimous Committee Approval
BATON ROUGE – The Life Sustaining Care Act, HB 459 (Rep. Charles Owens), advanced through the House Health and Welfare Committee today without opposition. The legislation prevents hospitals or other health care facilities from withdrawing life-sustaining care against the patient's or legal guardian's will. In the event the facility is unwilling to provide the care requested, the patient or the patient's family can request a transfer to another health care facility.

HB 459 comes in response to the tragic death of Charlie Gard when a hospital in the United Kingdom refused to transfer the infant boy to an alternative facility for treatment and withdrew care against his parent's wishes.

Associate Director of Louisiana Right to Life, Angie Thomas, explained:

"Louisiana citizens deserve the right to pursue care to save their own life. The Life Sustaining Care Act prevents hospitals or healthcare facilities from withdrawing life-sustaining care against a patient's will. We look forward to HB 459 passing to protect Louisiana's vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, and those who are handicapped."