April 15, 2022
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Mayor Kahlil Seren Releases First Quarterly Video Update to Cleveland Heights Residents
Cleveland Heights, Ohio--Today, Cleveland Heights Mayor Kahlil Seren released the first of what will be quarterly video updates to Cleveland Heights residents. It may be viewed at https://youtu.be/hEZleUYCJ44 .

“One of the commitments I made during last year’s campaign was that I’d report to the residents of Cleveland Heights each quarter about the progress we’ve made instead of making an annual ‘state of the city’ address,” Mayor Seren said. “We’re building a new form of government in Cleveland Heights, and our community needs more than an annual update.”

Mayor Seren’s remarks centered on how his administration has focused the city’s efforts on “areas where hard work and time can have the greatest impact.”

“Our goal for the next four years is to make a real difference for Cleveland Heights,” Mayor Seren said. “We can—and did—enact change on a single election day, but realizing the benefits of that change will take time. We have to build a foundation for the future if we want to fulfill the promise of changing our government.

During his 13-minute video, Mayor Seren cited six ways the City of Cleveland Heights was laying this “foundation for the future”:

  • Bringing new people onto Cleveland Heights’ leadership team by hiring Joseph Sinnott as the city’s first City Administrator and appointing 26-year CHPD veteran Chief Christopher Britton as the city’s new Chief of Police.
  • Strengthening the city’s relationships with other levels of government and local, state, and national organizations to access new tools for accomplishing the city’s goals.
  • Improving the city’s efforts to engage residents in an ongoing conversation about what their municipal government can and should be doing on their behalf.
  • Implementing the city’s long-awaited transition to automated refuse and recycling collection, which will be faster, safer, and cleaner and will help reduce the impact of Cleveland Heights’ waste on the environment.
  • Taking on the threat of lead paint poisoning Cleveland Heights’ children by finding ways to make housing in the city Lead Safe.
  • Bringing development to Cleveland Heights that will attract residents and businesses, such as:
  • Top of the Hill, an $83 million mixed-use project at Cedar Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard that will be completed later this year, and
  • The proposed $55 million Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook project in the city’s Cedar-Lee District.

Top of the Hill and CLM will create 90 permanent jobs and become home to more than 700 residents, nearly 500 of whom will be newcomers to Cleveland Heights.

“Top of the Hill and CLM represent the right kind of development for Cleveland Heights,” Mayor Seren said, “development that fits our city, respects our history, and helps make us more vibrant, sustainable, and resilient.”

As he closed his address, Mayor Seren mentioned Issue 9, a measure on the May 3, 2022, Primary ballot that concerns a piece of property the city has designated for the Cedar Lee Meadowbrook project.

“The city does NOT tell residents how to vote on issues. We have an obligation, though, to inform the public about the city’s positions on issues and the implications of policy choice,” Mayor Seren said. “When it comes to Issue 9, it’s the city’s policy that this property should be used for the Cedar Lee Meadowbrook development and not for any other purpose."

"The city STRONGLY believes it is in the best interest of Cleveland Heights to ensure the Cedar Lee Meadowbrook project DOES move forward. If Issue 9 passes and is implemented, this would NOT happen.”
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