Friday, June 12, 2020

The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters proudly announces that AARP has joined the organization to create a COVID-19/Black Music Month campaign. Earlier this year, AARP and NABOB launched a nationwide educational initiative to inform audiences about COVID-19 and how to stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. AARP has extended this campaign to coincide with Black Music Month, celebrated by NABOB each June.

The campaign spotlights the importance of Black music, highlighting noted artists throughout the decades as well as the benefits of music to listeners’ health and connectedness to one another. The 60-second ads are followed by a message from AARP Chief Executive Officer Jo Ann Jenkins, encouraging people to join the organization to keep informed and stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic. The radio spots will air on 60 urban radio stations across the country, and the campaign will create over 20.3 million Adult 35+ impressions across America.

“As we witness the protests over racial injustice and face the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, AARP is committed to serving older African Americans with information, advocacy, and resources, and this campaign is a key component,” said Shani Hosten, AARP Vice President, Multicultural Leadership, African American/Black Strategy. “Urban radio plays a powerful role in conveying critical information to its listeners, and we’re proud to collaborate with NABOB during these unprecedented times when our work is needed more than ever.”

Jim Winston, NABOB President added, “As we persevere through these long hard days of dealing with the pandemic, unemployment, and the crisis in our streets caused by the murder of George Floyd, having strong partners is very critical. We thank AARP and look forward to getting through this crisis together.”

The AARP and NABOB campaign collaboration includes Edna Kane-Williams, AARP Senior Vice President, Multicultural Leadership; Shani Hosten, AARP Vice President, Multicultural Leadership, African American/Black Strategy; and Sherman Kizart, a NABOB media consultant, and Managing Director of Kizart Media Partners.  
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