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Notah Begay III Foundation Releases State Health Report on
Social Determinants of Health
Report is titled: “What Shapes the Health of Native American Children in New Mexico?

SANTA ANA PUEBLO, NM—December 13, 2017— The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation released a report that focuses on the range of factors that affect health of New Mexico’s Native American children and families. The report, What Shapes the Health of Native American Children in New Mexico? , looks at the social determinants of health that contribute to childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.

“The purpose of this report is to take a deep dive review of the health factors that affect Native children’s health and wellbeing specific to communities in New Mexico,” said NB3 Foundation President/CEO Justin Kii Huenemann. “So often the reasons and data regarding Native children’s health is overlooked. This report will help elected officials, educators, researchers and others working in health to examine and consider the impact of social determinants of health.”

The framework used for this report takes a Native/indigenous perspective to further understand root causes of obesity and type 2 diabetes 
among Native American children and communities. Building on established social determinants of health like socioeconomic status, education and physical and social environments and access to health care, the report specifically looks at unique factors, such as historical trauma, self-determination and cultural activities.

NB3 Foundation’s three goals for using this framework are to:
  1. Guide the NB3 Foundation’s approach to addressing childhood obesity in Native communities.
  2. Analyze the current infrastructure for collecting available public data based on the indicators identified.
  3. Investigate the gaps and issues with data collection, access and dissemination.

The New Mexico report is part of NB3 Foundation’s work on state-level health factors among Native American youth. Future reports will focus on Native youth health factors in Arizona, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and will also be based on the Native/indigenous framework.

For more information about the state-level reports, please contact Olivia Roanhorse, NB3 Foundation Vice President of Programming, at or 505-867-0775. 


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