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National Indian Health Board Fills Key Director Position on Public Health Policy and Programs Team
New director, new national vision for Tribal public health.
WASHINGTON, DC—January 12, 2021—The National Indian Health Board (NIHB) is pleased to welcome Tyler Dougherty as Director of Public Health Policy and Programs (PHPP), who, as a key member of the senior management team within the organization, will lead the NIHB’s public health priorities in both programs and policy arenas and cultivate partnerships with federal agency, state and Tribal partners. The Director of PHPP is pivotal in leading NIHB’s public health advocacy efforts toward the federal government’s fulfilment of its trust obligation for Tribal health. Dougherty will oversee NIHB’s strategic planning to expand its Tribal public health department in response to the increased need for resources and technical assistance during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The National Indian Health Board is pleased to welcome Tyler to our team during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic – a reality that is clearly testing the nation’s public health infrastructure, and continues to unveil the lethal impact of centuries of the lack of investment into Tribal public health infrastructure. Tyler’s hands-on knowledge and experience in Indian County will help to inform our work to advance Tribally-identified public health priorities at the national level,” said NIHB CEO Stacy A. Bohlen. “With Tyler’s engagement and leadership, we look forward to building a more nationally impactful, Tribally-aligned public health resource at NIHB. This will include identifying and advocating for specific Tribal public health infrastructure funding, workforce development and Native-specific health equity programing that will provide great benefit to Tribes across Indian Country. NIHB is glad to have a skilled, dynamic and visionary professional to guide our continued public health work during the coronavirus pandemic and lead our team beyond COVID.”
Dougherty joins NIHB from the Southern Plains Tribal Health Board Oklahoma Area Tribal Epidemiology Center where he managed multiple federal grants that served the 44 federally recognized Tribes across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Dougherty worked on the frontlines helping Tribes, Tribal organizations and urban Indian clinics increase and improve public health infrastructure and capacity, implement systems changes designed to improve health outcomes and prevent and control the spread of infectious and chronic diseases.

“I understand Tribal sovereignty in public health – and the challenges, opportunities and needs facing tribal public health systems and am excited to bring this understanding to the work we will do to strategically advance Tribal public health systems and infrastructure at the national level.” said Dougherty. “For centuries, American Indian and Alaska Native people have suffered from preventable chronic diseases, had their capacity to prevent and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases compromised by poor funding which has logically led to reduced and poor health outcomes. I’m committed to working tirelessly to reverse this trend and ensure the U.S. government upholds their end of the trust obligation and improves the livelihood and well-being of American Indians and Alaska Natives across the country.”

Dougherty has a Master of Public Health in biostatistics from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Hudson College of Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Oklahoma.

“NIHB is committed to advocating on behalf of all Tribal governments and American Indian and Alaska Natives. Part of that commitment is building and strengthening Tribal public health infrastructure so Tribes have resources to prevent diseases and injuries, promote good health and wellness and prepare for outbreaks and pandemics in a manner that is effective, strategic and culturally appropriate. Bringing Tyler Dougherty on staff is a purposeful and positive move to well-position NIHB to carry out its mission to achieve the highest health outcomes for our Native people,” Bohlen said.

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