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July 11, 2017
Updated March 2, 2018
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Ashbury SABER® M700™ Precision Rifle -
Modular Sport Utility Rifle with AR Functionality & Remington DNA

An All American Made Sport Utility Rife Which Grows With The Shooter

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Ruckersville, VA. -Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg(APO) continues to expand its ever growing line of precision bolt action rifles built on variants of its patented SABER® modular rifle chassis with the highly anticipated SABER M700 Precision Rifle now being offered now being offered through national outdoor retailers.  SABER M700 rifles are manufactured using select legendary Remington Model 700® barreled actions mated with the versatile second generation SABER MRCS-AR rifle chassis.  Every SABER M700 Precision Rifle is built entirely in the USA and hand crafted by proud American craftsmen and US Military Veterans at Remington's Alabama factory and Ashbury's Virginia facility.
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The impact of the AR rifle design on the landscape of the long gun shooting community is irrefutable and the SABER M700 Precision Rifle employing the legendary Remington factory M700 barreled action is a natural evolution.  Shooters can now gain the benefits of the modular form, fit and functionality of their favorite AR in an accurate, factory precision, bolt action rifle with an attractive price point.
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"In our collaboration with Remington and looking at the growth of the American rifle sports market, we conceived the SABER M700 as an entirely American made sport utility rifle, much like the iconic Jeep® - arguably the most customized SUV in America," says Matthew Peterson, Ashbury's Product Development Coordinator.  "This solidly performing, rugged, range-ready rifle," continues Peterson, "is easily configured and accessorized to meet the many needs of recreational shooters, hunters and entry level precision rifle competitors. We are also very excited about the prospects for APO's long action, minimalist, Tactical Hunter variants of the SABER M700 chambered in 30-06, .300WM and .338LM."
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As customer's marksmanship skills improve, shooting interests broaden to other exciting rifle sports, and the requirement for higher levels of precision develop, the SABER M700 Precision Rifle grows with them!  This is a feature unique to APO's SABER rifle chassis system now incorporating the most popular commercial bolt action rifle on the planet: the Remington Model 700.
Initial releases of the SABER M700 Precision rifles feature the highly accurate Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD barreled action, X-Mark Pro trigger, factory set to 3 ½ lbs and are chambered in versatile .308 Win and increasingly popular 6.5 Creedmoor.  The barrels are hammer forged, with the .308 using a 20 inch 1:10 twist barrel and the 6.5 Creedmoor using 22 inch 1:8 twist barrel offering customers a wide selection of target and hunting ammunition.  Both models have 5/8-24 threaded muzzles with protective caps ready for a muzzle brake or sound suppressor which are also growing in popularity.
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Ashbury's lightweight, low maintenance MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis needs NO epoxy bedding to provide exceptional
accuracy in this precision engineered rifle platform Ashbury's AR-inspired MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis features a Magpul CTR shoulder stock and ¾ inch cheek riser making the use of rifle scopes easy.  The shoulder stock is mounted on a six position, Mil-Spec carbine buffer tube, making it both telescoping and foldable with a double locking hinge.  The comfortable AR-08 octagonal aluminum hand guard features Magpul's M-LOK ® accessory attachment system and a convenient forward mounted bipod stud.  The MOE handgrip is adjustable for distance and hand grip angle offering shooters a consistently comfortable grip.  The SABER M700 Precision Rifle includes one Magpul PMAG® 5 7.62 AC™ detachable box magazine.  This sport utility rifle is easily maintainable and upgradeable by the user with simple hand tools!
The SABER  MRCS-AR modular rifle chassis is coated in a durable MIL-SPEC 8625 black hard coat anodized finish and the Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD barreled action is finished with a black phosphate coating.  This lightweight APO sport utility rifle weighs in at 9.5lbs (base rifle) and folds to a compact 29 ¾" perfect for ATV racks, backpack carry or truck storage in limited space.   The SRP for the SABER M700 Precision Rifle is $1,799.00
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Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg., now a factory authorized Remington Repair Center, will provide direct product support to customers for the SABER M700 Rifles.  The APO Custom Shop's Precision Weapons Section staffed by Veteran US Marine Corps 2112 Gunsmith and 2111 Armorer lead team also offers a variety of custom riflesmithing options for the SABER M700 Precision Rifle to include ergonomically adjustable
shoulder stocks, fixed stock joint, alternate grip angles and hand guards, Cerakote ceramic finishes, Leupold optics, high performance accuracy and tactical upgrade packages.
The SABER M700 Precision Rifle, an all American made sport utility rifle can be purchased at various national outdoor retailers across the country or direct from APO.  For more information about Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg., our line of SABER® modular rifle chassis systems, custom precision long range rifles, APO Custom Shop pistols and rifle sports shooting accessories, please visit the Ashbury Web Portal.  For information on experiencing APO Riflesports Lifestyles visit,, and websites.

About Ashbury...
Ashbury International Group Inc. is a central Virginia USA based company, having more than 20 years of international experience as a prime contractor to government agencies, military, and special operations forces as well as manufacturer of commercial shooting sports equipment.  The company provides logistics, engineering, training, ordnance manufacturing, systems integration and emergency preparedness products and services.

Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg.
  (APO), a division of the Ashbury International Group Inc., is a commercial firearms and shooting sports accessories manufacturer. APO manufactures SABER bolt action receivers and patented modular rifle chassis systems for popular factory and custom bolt action rifles.  APO manufactures custom precision multi-sport, tactical, and hunting rifles in calibers from .223 to .408CT.  The APO Custom Shop offers custom reflex sight installation on premium pistols and complete special order custom rifle and pistol builds for discriminating clients.

APO manufactures a high quality line of rugged electro-optic, weapon mounts, and TACT3 field tripods.  The company also distributes a wide range of rifle sports accessories from match ammunition and ballistic software to the RSTA-II Tripod Shooting System, Long Range Accuracy Bipods and Snipers Field Tool Kits.  APO offers complete long range shooting system solutions and Riflesports Lifestyle Experiences.

The Rapid Product Development Center (RPDC) provides engineering design and prototyping services. The engineering services group is Solidworks® CAD based with Simulation® FEA and FeatureCam® CAD/CAM machine programming software, 3D Printer-Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) capable, a modern CNC precision machining shop and an experienced, well trained staff.
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