September 17, 2018
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New Editions! FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbooks
Airframe Volume 1 , Airframe V olume 2 , and Powerplant Volumes 1 and 2  
Newcastle, WA-- The FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbooks are designed for use by instructors and applicants preparing for the FAA Knowledge Exam and Oral & Practical (O&P) Exams required for obtaining an Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) certificate with Airframe or Powerplant rating or both (also called an A&P license). Newly updated for 2018, these new editions of Airframe: Volume 1 (ASA-8083-31AV1), Airframe: Volume 2 (ASA-8083-31AV2), and Powerplant: Volumes 1 and 2 (ASA-8083-32A) reflect current technologies, equipment and procedures. These handbooks are for both students and instructors, and also serve as invaluable reference guides for current technicians who wish to improve their knowledge.
These new editions provide the basic information on principles, fundamentals, and technical procedures in the subject matter areas relating to the airframe and powerplant ratings. Illustrated throughout with detailed, full-color drawings and photographs, with a comprehensive glossary and index. Also available in eBook formats and money-saving eBundles (softcover + eBook PDF).

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ISBN 978-1-61954-826-8
ISBN 978-1-61954-829-9
ISBN 978-1-61954-827-5
ISBN 978-1-61954-830-5
ISBN 978-1-61954-831-2
ISBN 978-1-61954-834-3
ISBN 978-1-61954-832-9
ISBN 978-1-61954-835-0
ISBN 978-1-61954-836-7
ISBN 978-1-61954-839-8
ISBN 978-1-61954-837-4
ISBN 978-1-61954-840-4
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