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July 12, 2018  | ORSANCO |


Contact: Lisa Cochran

Communications Coordinator




O RSANCO's traveling aquarium on loan to Shedd Aquarium

The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission's (ORSANCO) traveling aquarium will showcase a new watershed this summer - the Great Lakes Watershed. Shedd Aquarium, in Chicago, Illinois, will borrow the traveling aquarium  to engage Chicago residents in the diverse aquatic  life of the Great Lakes watershed.  

ORSANCO's travel aquarium, Life Below the Waterline, is one of a few traveling aquariums in the United States. It is an exceptional resource to showcase the aquatic life which people typically do not see. It was built in 2002 and has showcased the diversity of Ohio River aquatic life at multiple events each summer. 

ORSANCO is thrilled to partner with Shedd Aquarium this summer. Richard Harrison, ORSANCO Executive Director said "The traveling aquarium will provide a unique and enjoyable experience for the residents of Chicago to view the diverse Great Lakes aquatic life."

S hedd Aquarium will use the traveling aquarium during the summer of 2018. Chicago's urban environment creates increasing barriers to connecting people, including children, with nature. Shedd's Traveling   Aquarium  will bridge that divide by bringing native aquatic life to neighborhoods across the city.  Shedd's Traveling   Aquarium  will feature examples of species found in Lake Michigan to exemplify the diversity and beauty of the Great Lakes ecosystem. 

"There is no greater discovery than looking nature in the eye and to realize it is looking right back at you." said Shedd President and CEO Bridget Coughlin, PhD.

The aquarium holds 2,200 gallons of water. Its two 5' by 10' viewing areas create an impressive display and demonstrates the diversity of life sustained by a watershed and the improvements that have been made in water quality.

During the summer of 2018, ORSANCO will continue to display Life Below the Waterline within the Ohio River Basin. The schedule of displays within the Ohio River Basin can be viewed on ORSANCO's website:  Life Below the Waterline schedule.

Shedd Aquarium staff collect the traveling aquarium in Cincinnati for travel to Chicago. ORSANCO Senior Biologist, Rob Tewes (left) shakes hands with George Parsons (right), Shedd Aquarium Senior Curator of Fishes
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