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Sound Liberation 

(646) 522-9442

Sound Liberation @ Ella Lounge

 Part of the 

Coors New Legends Concert Series 

presented by TurnStyle Music Group

Thursday, June 19th, 8PM  

Ella Lounge

9 Avenue A,
New York, NY (212) 777-2230.



Sound Liberation will be performing a set of eclectic music from their four albums, celebrating the recently released album  'Days', as well as premiering new compositions by: Gene Pritsker, David Gotay and new poetry by Jacob Miller. 


When not writing for symphony orchestras and feature films or performing as sidemen for major artists, what do New York's professional musicians do?
Classically trained composer Gene Pritsker, whose arrangements can be heard on award winning film soundtracks such as Cloud Atlas and Perfume and who has worked with jazz legend Joe Zawinul collaborates with New York City's elite musicians whose resumes include performances with JayZ , Florence and the Machine, Billy Joel, Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow, Sharon Jones and Broadway favorites like Matilda in a genre blurring musical experience titled Sound Liberation. 


Recent reviews of the new Album Days: 

"Literally one of the best Hybrid Hip Hop/R&B/Electric music albums we have ever heard"

Underground Hip Hop Blog

"Days, loaded with mind-blowing compositions rich with stylistic variation and raw musical talent

- Niji Magazine 

"Pushing boundaries by creating a style of sound & music that is like no other...incredibly unique & original to the point where it will make your head spin!" 

Skope Mag.



Sound Liberation @ Ella Lounge is: 

Gene Pritsker - composer/guitar/rap  
David Gotay - composer/rap 

Charles Coleman - voice 

Franz Hackl - trumpet

Greg Baker - guitar

Mat Fieldes  - bass

Damien Bassman -  drums


with special guests;

Jacob Miller - poet

Anya Migdal- vocals

Milica Paranoisc - vocals 

Paul Mack - rap

James Gotay  - rap

Sound Liberation, an eclectic chamber ensemble/band, was formed in 1996. Sound Liberation's musical philosophy, developed by band founder Gene Pritsker, is based upon "ending the segregation of sound vibration (i.e. musical Genres)". The group incorporates its philosophy by performing compositions that encompass a diverse range of musical genre, heavily influenced by hip-hop and rock rhythms. This enables one to hear elements from classical music to Jazz to music of various cultures at a Sound Liberation show.

"The freedom of sounds, as the name suggests, is truly implemented in a masterful way" 

-  Thorsten Bendnarz -Jazzethic Magazine


"..this is some startlingly original music. I am very encouraged when I hear music like this."  "a most unusual combination of hip hop, bebop, rock shred, show tunes, punk, funk and classical, and original contemporary compositional elements"

- Gapplegate Guitar & Bass Blog


"4 stars"  "unexpected twists and turns...The result my have you seeing visions...strains of jazz, contemporary classical mu    sic, minimalism, and even hip-hop and and African rhythms " 

- John Ephland, Downbeat, Nov. 2010


"Sound Liberation display a level of multi-instrumental virtuosity and imagination that makes middleweight prog acts seem positively pedestrian by comparison. It's not everyone's cup of tea for sure but for the open-minded muso, there's weeks and weeks of musical nourishment to feast upon in these thirteen tracks." 

- Jodi Mullen, This is Not A Scene 2012




Ella is located in the East Village on Avenue A between 2nd and 1st Streets.
9 Avenue A. 

New York, NY 10009 

(212) 777-2230


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