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August 15th 2017 

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Biblical Concepts Ministries Statement on City Council President Anna Brosche Order to Remove Confederate Monuments. 
Jacksonville, FL Today, Dr. Raymond Johnson, Founder and President of Biblical Concepts Ministries released the following statement in response to city council president Anna Brosche order to remove confederate monuments in Duval county Jacksonville. 

First of all, Conservative patriotic christian Americans, that live by the bible and our US Constitution, and seek to preserve American history are not racists and are not to be confused with any radical white supremist or natzi groups or the KKK which was founded by the Democratic party*. (See Link to Historian Bill Feeder)

It is disappointing but unfortunately expected from our current city council president, recruited from an organized group of liberal women seeking elected office influenced by progressive Audrey Moran. Our dangerously liberal city council with its many Republican in Name Only (RINO) members, according to the Times Union article, support removing American and local history from our city.

The council members are either willfully ignorant of, or willfully supporting the radical antiChrist, anti American, leftist George Soros funded groups such as BLM, Antifa, Organizing for America etc. Refusing to recognize these well funded organized violent protests used to divide and conquer America to push their globalist, Socialist, Marxist, Communist agenda of removing all traces of American history to rewrite history to further their agenda. 

This agenda (and our city council) seeks to remove historic confederate monuments, or crosses and ten commandments displaying our  christian heritage (as we have seen across the country) calling it offensive, having no place in public. All while promoting yet another plank of the Socialist, Communist, Marxist agenda of the radical LGBT Homosexual sexual revolution aimed at destroying the biblical family and religious freedom through the force of law. 

I am glad to hear Mayor Lenny Curry, does not find it a priority to remove these historic monuments, however our citizens deserve leadership from our elected leaders. Unlike the HRO legislation,  when and if the time comes, I hope Mayor Curry would use his position as mayor to defend our city from this radical agenda and veto any such legislation.     

To learn more about this agenda I recommend city leaders and everyone to view the documentary Agenda, Grinding Down America. We urge citizens to contact city council to oppose this effort and to publicly speak against it during public comment time at city council meetings. 

AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Trailer)   AgendaDocumentary.com
AGENDA: Grinding America Down (Trailer) AgendaDocumentary.com

Proverbs 14:34  Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.
Suggested scripture reading: Proverbs 1, II Timothy 3, 
Revelation 2:18-29  

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